Wednesday on the Homestead



I woke up this morning when Tobin’s alarm went off but really had no desire to get up! LOL..  But I did anyway..  and got my day going..  I am incredibly thankful for coffee..   


The weather was wet and gray again today.  It certainly makes inside work much more appealing!  I spent some time on school work with my 3 younger children.  They are making great progress in their school books.  I think it will be time for a break here very soon. We have Thanksgiving next week and then a craft bazaar to do the first Saturday of December.  The girls and I need to get geared up for that. And then it is time to get ready for Christmas.


I also got my kids started on cleaning out the upstairs closets.  All their rooms are upstairs and the closets can be something I rarely think of .. then I look in them for one reason or another and they are always such a mess..  so I figured it was time to clean them out and get rid of things no longer needed or used. 



Among the stuff we got rid of were several toys that Sierra used to play with but no longer does. She will be 11 years old next week and has outgrown little ponies, doll houses, play dishes and the like.  I have had little girls and little girl stuff in my house for almost 21 years now..  so it seems kinda strange to be getting rid of these things.  She still has dolls.  But she likes those because she and I make clothes for them and they sit on her bed.   It’s kind of a strange feeling watching my children grow up.  With 8 kids you just spend so many years focused on babies and young children that you can’t conceptualize that it will ever end.  But it does!  I think it is bitter sweet in many ways.  I am very happy to move on to this stage in my life and let the younger generation have the babies.. but at the same time these past 24 years (my oldest son will be 24 tomorrow) have many, many, many sweet and wonderful memories attached to them.   


OK.. moving on....   Dinner tonight is Ashli’s Cinicinatti Chili over curly-q noodles and a salad.  We were going to have the chili over roasted potatoes but Hannah pulled out the bag of potatoes and there 4 potatoes in there..  haa.. haa..  No going to work! 



Tobin ordered the part for my dishwasher..  so it looks like I may have back in operation by Thanksgiving.. If not..  that’s ok too..  One thing nice about not having a dishwasher is that my kids have learned to REALLY appreciate it!! LOL..  I think they just took it for granted..  Typically I ran my dishwasher 3 to 4 times a day.  I told Tobin we put probably 8 years of use into that dishwasher in the last 4 years. 



Emily just started making a pumpkin pie.  Actually she is making the crust and Hannah is making the pie.  Sounds like it will be a good dessert tonight!!


Hubby is almost done taking care of all the many little details he takes care of when he gets home, and then he sits down to go over math with Jacob….  And now it is time for him and I to sit down and share about our day and visit a bit with the kids before dinner. 


That sums up my Wednesday on my Homestead!






  1. Oh Crystal, your life always sounds so...CALM! I know it's not all the time, but it sounds that way :) I guess I'm going to have to try that chili since you seem to think so well of it!!

    Save me a piece of pie!



  2. Crystal,

    Sounds like a beautiful day for a beautiful person.

    Ohhhh...I LOVE pumpkin pie...wish we could sit down with a pice of pie and coffee..that would be so nice.

    Love to all,


  3. I'm not going to look forward to the moment when I have to get rid of my daughter's toys she outgrows either. I'm happy to play with her with her tea sets and her pony toys and all those things. I'm hoping for a few more years, and then, oh dear. I'm going to just cry thinking about her growing up! :o(

    It sounds like ya'll are getting some winter cleaning out done, and that's a wonderful thing before the holidays!

    Enjoy your pie, sounds soooo yummy!

    Warm thoughts to you all,

  4. Crystal,

    I've got a yummy pumpkin spiced latte recipe for you to try. I LOVE it:


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