Plans For What is Left of my 25lb Turkey

Well about now turkey and gravy and all the trimmings are getting kind of old..  not to mention almost gone!  Well I still have a good amount of turkey left.  So today this is my plan:


~Slice all the breast meat for sandwiches today

~Debone the turkey and chop up the remaining meat and make Turkey Tacos for dinner tonight.. 

~Put the bones and misc bits and pieces into my 14qt stock pot, add water and salt and let that simmer for a good part of the day

~Strain out bones and remove any bits of meat and toss the bones

~Add meat to the pot of broth and put in fridge until tomorrow..  Tomorrow I will finish it up by making turkey noodle soup out of it

~If there is any meat left after turkey tacos tonight it will be bagged, labeled and frozen for use in a meal or I will use it to make turkey salad sandwiches in the next week or so



  1. sounds good - what time is dinner?!?!? :)

    have a great weekend :)

    God bless,


  2. I just wanted to thank you for your creativeness in the kitchen. My family and I love your recipes. And you have helped me out a lot.

    Tina Kay

  3. We had the same problem last year! We had a 28 lb turkey and it felt like it never was going to end! :O)

    It's great to see ideas for using the leftovers, thanks for sharing!




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