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Aside from my Thanksgiving plans there are a few other updates from my homestead.


Yesterday my kids and I did a major cleaning on the house..  we dusted and move furniture and vacuumed and mopped and swept ..  I actually cleaned my desk!   Tobin brought me home (from his dad’s house that he and his brother are cleaning out) a 4 drawer letter size filing cabinet.  So I was inspired to clean my desk and my little office area and move the filing cabinet into place.  Now maybe that will help me stay a bit more organized..


Hannah did not help with our cleaning yesterday but rather did one of her weekly housekeeping jobs earlier than usual due to the holiday.  While at her cleaning job she also heard a little feedback on her test taking for the job she has applied for (she cleans house for one of our local police officers and his family and he is the one who suggested she give the job a try)..  she scored the 2nd  highest score out of 7 people!  I was very proud of her.   She now has a huge packet of info to fill out and a first interview next Monday and that should let her know much better where she stands and what her chances are for the job. 


We are still waiting to hear the final decision on Tobin’s application for a new job at his company..  We will see how that goes..  This would basically be a move to a different department than where he is at now.


My son called and he will be sometime between December 19th and the 23rd..   we are all excited to see him!  He will have 3 weeks at home and is looking forward to visiting family and friends.


Today while shopping for Thanksgiving dinner I will also be finishing up the shopping for Sierra’s birthday which is on Thanksgiving.. She will be 11 years old.   So we will be double thankful on that day!


The weather outside is stormy again..  we had such a nice break yesterday from the wind and rain but today it is back in full force.  Not really the type of day I like to go shopping in, but that is just the way it is!


Dinner tonight is lentil and brown rice tacos..  Fairly easy meal..  This is also Tobins last day of work for the week..  it will be great to have him home more...


Hopefully I will be back here to blog before things get going with the holiday dinner preparations.. 


But if not..  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!


My son in law, Jonathan, sent me updated pics of Caden..


This is Jonathan holding Caden:


And a picture of Caden and his sweet little smile:


Just makes me want to hop on a plane and go hug my baby..


Hope you all have a great Tuesday on your Homesteads!!


  1. Sounds like you were able to get a lot done! Love the picts. of cute Caden - you're very lucky!

  2. I haven't left a comment in quite awhile but I check your blog everyday. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

  3. Crystal,

    What a beautiful blog entry....LOVE the pictures of baby Caden, he is adorable. Sounds like you all are going to have a blessed Thanksgiving. Will have all of you in my thoughts.

    Love you all,


  4. He who thanks but with the lips

    Thanks but in part;

    The full, the true Thanksgiving

    Comes from the heart.

    ~J.A. Shedd

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    Hugs & Blessings,

    Susan Godfrey


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