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Updates from the Homestead

  Well I am up and running on a new computer! Mine was having big issues and last week my multi-talented hubby bought all the parts to make me a new computer (he admits he is a part time computer geek.. lol..)! Then he loaded Vista , all of which took one evening and most of the following day. Then more major work came, I had to load all my programs up and then transfer all my files from the old computer to the new one.  That took up the rest of the week as I got my email reset, my website program and files loaded and working and on and on. This week has been the challenge of learning to use some new programs (some of the programs I was using were not compatible with Vista so I had to buy the updated versions.. I think they do this on purpose  ) and learning my way around Vista . I have to say I am quite pleased to be able to be up and running without problem and so much faster now!    On Sunday I enjoyed a huge highlight of the week! I have several moderators on my message board and

Home Study College

  I have shared that my daughter Emily is working on getting a degree in Accounting via home study. I have had a few people ask me questions so I thought I would share this again and try and add a little bit more detail in hopes of answering those questions.    She is using a program called College Plus , which is a Christian based coaching/mentoring program that guides and lays out the course for their desired degree. I was not sure about it at first but after researching it, talking with them and spending a lot time at their website I understood what service they were offering. They have certain degrees that can be obtained at home (some can not such as medical, teaching, etc..).  They basically guide you as to which classes you need to take, and set up your degree plan, and give you a coach who you speak with on the phone and email with and this helps keep the student accountable and on track.  I really like this feature and Emily's coach has been a perfect match for Emily.  Th

I'm Home!

I’m back from vacation! I have been for a few days but it has taken that long to get life back to a normal routine.. why is it so hard to come home from vacation! LOL.. Tobin and I enjoyed lots of sunshine and heat and just did a lot r&r poolside (and I came home with a nice tan to show for all that r&r).. very much needed by both of us. My girls kept the home fires burning and my boys were shipped off to a friend’s house. Everyone did fine but it sure was good to see them when we got home. I missed all the hugs and smiles of my sweet kids..   I will be back to my regular scheduled blogging soon. I came home to computer problems. Actually I knew there were a few issues before I left and now it is time to do something about them as these little issues are now BIG ones.. Don’t know how long it will take me to get back online.. should be pretty quick. I am limping along with my computer right now or I can use Tobin or Emily ’s laptop if I need to so I am still here to answer email


  Crystal’s Country Store will be on vacation (and so will I )   I wanted to let you know that any orders placed through my country store starting May 6th will be shipped out on May 19th . - -  

Thank You

  I would like to express a heart felt “thank you” to everyone who commented and sent me emails on the loss of my little Ellie. I appreciate your caring and loving words.