Wednesday on the Homestead

It is almost 4:00pm but feels much later than that due to the gray skies making it seem later in the evening.. I am enjoying a few minutes of quiet time while my bread is rising in the oven.  The kids are off doing their own things and Tobin won’t be home for a little bit.. …  so I thought I would blog..  


Today has been a busy day as usual.  This morning I made another batch of Peppermint Foot Cream, caught up on school things with my youngest kids and did housework.  Hannah handled breakfast (scrambled egg burritos) and the kids heated up leftovers for lunch.  So my time spent in the kitchen today was mostly cleaning  


Right now I have 6 loaves of bread rising that Sierra and I just finished making, and a pot of split pea soup simmering on the stove that Leanne got started not long ago.  Seems like it will be another late dinner..  but that is not so bad.  Hannah, Emily and Leanne will be gone this evening to Awana to lead music for the kids there and I guess we will eat when they get back. 


Emily is getting over a cold.  It is going around the house.  I have it a little but it does not seem to be getting worse.  So hopefully this will be mild for us all..  I think it is just the change of season yuck that makes its way around each year!


I need to get some molds ready for making more soap..  I have a bunch of soap once again to make on my to-do list..  Hopefully I can get that done this weekend.  


Tomorrow Emily has a dentist appt in the morning and then I am going to take her to the Dept. of Licensing to try for her permit..  she has to pass the written test.  Then I will have to teach her drive..    NOT  my favorite thing to do (I have already done it 3 times..  but that is 3 down.. 5 to go.. )..  Tobin usually gets them going and then I take it from there..   I do like it when the finally have their license.. it is very helpful to have more drivers..  but more drivers also means more insurance, more cars, more gas money..     Ok..  I don’t even think I will dwell on that for now..  LOL..  just take it one step at a time!!


I keep talking about the weather around here..  I thought I would post some pics.  I just took advantage of a break in the rain and went out on the deck for these.


This one you can see the clounds in front of the hills across te river.. When the storms come in we can't even see those hills it gets so thick with clouds:


This was taken overlooking our pond..  you can see all the fall colored leaves:


This is another one taken in the same direction as the first just looking farther down out over the property:


  1. Love those beautiful fall colors and the mnts in the background! You have a really nice place there!


  2. Beautiful!! Makes me want a cup of hot cocoa. :)

  3. Wow what a view! Very pretty!

  4. Wow Crystal! What a beautiful place to live!

  5. Crystal,

    Your homestead is absolutely peaceful!! I just love it. I just showed Jon too...he loves your place and especially that pond!!

    Love you all,


  6. I have been enjoying your blog for a couple weeks and look forward to your posts and wealth of info!!

    I absolutely love the pics, what a blessed view you and yours have.

  7. homesteadinthemakingNovember 9, 2006 at 1:23 AM

    Oh my word, it would be so hard not to be thankful everyday with that view. Beautiful!!!!! I hope you dont get any worse with the cold.



  8. I absolutely love your blog & website. Your home and property are so beautiful. I know you count your blessings everyday. Best wishes.

  9. Hello Crystal ~

    Well, it's all over - most of the campaigns I was working on did not win - so I have been a little gloomy!!

    The pictures of your Homestead are just wonderful - looks like scenery pictures out of a magazine - just gorgeous.

    I love thos muffin pans - I always make Banana Nut Bread as gifts and those are just the perfect size - I will have to check at WalMart and see if they still have them.

    I am going to visit Brandi this weekend and rest!!




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