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A Big Thank You, Snow and Happy New Year!

A great big thank you to all of you who left me punch recipes and emailed them to me.I have a ton of them now! I am going through all of them and trying to decide which one to make.I sure do appreciate everyone who took the time to share their recipes.

On Wednesday the weather report said there was a possibility of snow flurries.So we headed into town to take care of wedding details.About ¾ of the way through our trip a friend of my daughters looked outside (we were in Costco) and said.. “It’s snowing!” ..yikes.. that was not supposed to happen.So I rounded everyone up (they were in all parts of the store) and we got out as quick as we could.I figured a little snow in town could very well mean a lot more at home.I was glad we got out of there.The drive home was a bit stressful as snow is not common enough for drivers around here to master it and traffic was terrible.Snow continued to fall through the night and this is the white winter wonderland we woke up to..

Today Tobin and I will he…

Updates from the Homestead

We had a very nice Christmas.The day was relaxing.We had our Christmas meal on Christmas Eve and then just enjoyed leftovers and goodies on Christmas Day.
Here are some pics to share ……

I did not waste any time however and yesterday with the help of my kids we got Christmas all cleaned up.The tree is out back ready to take down to the goats for a little Christmas time treat, the decorations are all put away and the house all cleaned up. Now maybe I can think better! I love the holidays but I also love the feeling of putting it all away and looking forward to brand new year with all of its excitement, goals and planning.
Seems as though my year will start off with plans right away!There are two weeks now until Richards wedding! Yikes! 
Yesterday I was starting to feel a bit stressed with details.So I did what I always do when I feel that way.. started making a to-do is amazing how that helps me.. write it down, see what needs to be done, figure out when it needs to be done and I f…

Christmas Cookie Making

My friend Jennie gave me her Sour Cream Cookie recipe and I made it on Saturday.Then we had fun frosting all those cookies!There were a lot of them!This recipe is great!Easy to make and they taste so good.I used half whole wheat flour and half white flour in mine and I used all vanilla flavoring because I am not a fan of almond flavoring.I did divide the frosting into 3 bowls (and flavored it all vanilla) and colored it red and green and left one white.The recipe is a doubled recipe so if it is just too many cookies for you .. you can cut it in half.But before I share the recipes here are some pics..

And while we were decorating cookeis .. the guys were busy doing what they always do (and of course I was interrupting by taking the picture!! LOL) …

Here is the recipe….
Sour Cream Cookies

4 cups sugar
1 1/3 cup butter (approx. 2 sticks plus 6 TBSP), softened
4 eggs
2 cups sour cream
2 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. almond extract
2 tsp. baking soda
9 cups flour

Preheat oven to 350º. Cream together the sugar a…

What’s Been Happening on the Homestead

I am feeling a bit of shock to know that there is less than week before Christmas!I am almost ready..seems to happen to me every year.I think.. this year I will do all my shopping early, be prepared and ready to go come December.. and for whatever reason it never happens entirely.I do usually start buying gifts in October so that does help some.. but when I get right down to the wire I still have lots of gaps to fill and things to do.… more details.. I just keep making lists
For Christmas dinner we are having a Turkey dinner.Richard was in the Philippines over Thanksgiving and Lolot has never had turkey so it seemed like the meal to make.I will make up the meal and serve it on Christmas Eve.I like Christmas day to be easy and not hectic with a lot of cooking.
The wedding plans are coming right along. Since it will be a small wedding with little time for planning we are focusing on just a few things to make it special.Lolot has a beautiful wedding dress and I just ordered the bridesmaid…

CDs now available as eBooks!

I now have available the following CDs in ebook format for a reduced cost:
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Updates from the Homestead

Finally I have a few minutes to do a little blogging.Life has been very full and busy lately.On the 23rd of November we celebrated my daughter Sierra’s 14th birthday.  She requested Pumpkin Cheesecake (she loves anything pumpkin!) She was actually born on Thanksgiving Day and that has made her birth all the more memorable!This year however she got her own day to celebrate…

Then it was a simple and quiet Thanksgiving Day for us due to the fact that we were all planning, working and waiting for the big moment in our lives..when Richard and Lolot came home!!
They arrived home on Monday (Nov. 30th) after 18 hours of flight time and having been up for 24 hours. They spent the first few days recovering and adjusting to the time change and dealing with jet lag. 
It was wonderful to see Richard and to finally meet the love of his life, Lolot (this is her nickname, her name is Doneza). We all really have fallen in love with her.She is so sweet and so kind.I could not be happier for son.It has bee…

Full time job opportunity with CollegePlus!—Seeking Public Relations Manager

College Plus! Asked me if I would be willing to post this job opportunity on my blog..  It sounds like a great position for the right person!

The San Antonio office of CollegePlus! is in immediate need of a creative, forward-thinking Public Relations Manager. Our current PR Manager is transitioning to new responsibilities with CP! and this leaves an important role to be filled.
This is not an internship opportunity—as PR Manager, you would be a full time employee in the San Antonio office, a key member of the marketing team, and you would report directly to our Director of Marketing.
To be a successful PR Manager with CollegePlus! you will need:
·An understanding and commitment to execute the mission of CollegePlus!
·Creativity, self-motivation, and the ability to problem-solve
·Dedication to the team and willingness to communicate with your colleagues
·Attention to detail, passion for your work, and able to take quick action
·Able to handle the pressure of meeting deadlines

Specific jo…