Happy Birthday Carolyn!!



Today is my oldest daughter’s birthday!  Carolyn is 21 and she and her hubby live in California.  She is the mama of my first grandchild…   


Hope you have a wonderful day Carolyn!!  I am thinking of you working on your Thanksgiving dinner today while we work on ours..  makes me remember all the years of you and your sisters and I working on this day together .. 


I love you!!


This is the most current picture I have of Carolyn (I posted it not long ago here on my blog.. she is holding my baby Caden )


Have a great day!!


  1. I always think that birthdays are just about as special for the mamas as they are for the kids. Their birthday is the day that God changed and blessed our lives in ways we could never imagine - all the way from itty bitty babes to adults.



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