Saturday on the Homestead


Well no CV joints were done on Hannah’s car.  Tobin took it for a test drive and said that was not the noise she was hearing..  it was something else, but he did not think it was serious so he put that off for another weekend.  He did fix the back breaks on his car..  it is not an easy job to maintain so many vehicles.. LOL..  I am again thankful for his mechanical skills and finesse with all things motorized (thinking about how he fixed my whisper mill for me not long ago)  !!! 


Well today has been a nice quiet day..  the weather outside is wet, wet, wet…  that is not so bad as I think we are almost back to normal with our water issues.  I guess this begins the wet and rainy season for us.


Tobin has had a fire going all day and the house is toasty warm. It is nice to feel warm and dry on such a wet day.   I made chicken lasagna again tonight and it is baking right now.  My older girls took Sierra and Isaac to a friend’s birthday party today. The kids were supposed to dress up in some costume.  Nothing fancy, just something fun.  Sierra decided to be an Indian girl:


And Isaac decided to be an army man (gee.. what a surprise decision!! LOL):


They should be home soon and we can enjoy the chicken lasagna with some veggies and maybe some garlic toast…  and who knows.. if there is time we may watch the last episode of season 2 of the Pretenders.. 


That sums up my Saturday on my Homestead!! 





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