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Soft Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls

If you think you can’t have a soft and tender cinnamon roll with whole wheat flour, think again!! These are rolls are sooo good. I have typically made cinnamon rolls using my bread recipe or my oatmeal dinner roll recipe and both are good. But I wanted to see if I could achieve a soft and tender cinnamon roll made with all whole wheat flour. And I do believe this is the ticket! Be forewarned.. these are not as healthy as they could be.. but they are a huge improvement over most recipes I see.. I did try to keep it as healthy as possible.. but what can I say..   I was in a cinnamon roll mood.. Here is the recipe with pictures as well…. Soft Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls Crystal Miller ½ cup warm water 2T yeast 2 cups sour cream ¼ cup honey 4T butter ½ t baking soda 2 t salt 2 eggs 6 to 7 cups hard white (or red) whole wheat flour *Butter *Brown Sugar or Sucanat *Cinnamon In a small bowl combine the warm water and yeast. Set aside. Heat sour cream in a sauce pan on the stove until warm but

Updates from the Homestead

     Finally this morning I have a chance to sit down with my cup of coffee in hand and write a blog post.   I can hear the rain coming down outside and I just started a fire to take the morning chill off the house.   I love the quiet early mornings.   Soon my daughter will be up getting ready to head out the door and then the rest of the kids will be waking up and it will be time to move on with the our day.   I find my days of late to just be busy with the basics of life.   I really enjoy that..   I enjoy taking care of my home and cooking meals, etc.. because it gives me such a great sense of productivity and accomplishment and I feel like I am doing the work the Lord desires for me to keep on doing.   I feel much pleasure and contentment with life.      Spring is here!!   I love it when winter is officially over (I am not a big fan of winter).   I diligent keep watch for all the signs that spring has arrived.   The improved weather, bulbs coming up, ground cover plants are blooming

Happy Birthday to my Baby!!

  Yesterday was my youngest son, Isaac’s, birthday!!   He turned 12 years old.   The years have really flown by and I am amazed that my baby is 12. He is my easy going, polite, considerate and generous son.   He loves his air soft guns, bow and arrows, and building tree forts (he currently has a big tree fort in the making in the favorite tree!).. he also will open car doors or store doors, offer to help where he can.. just an all around gentleman.   His latest interest is in ballroom dancing.   Leanne has been taking lessons now for several months and has been teaching Isaac a few basic dances and he really enjoys it.   He goes to the ballroom with her on occasion and when I stop in with Leanne all the instructors and even some of the students come to tell me what a little gentleman he is and how well he dances!   They really seem to enjoy it when he comes and gets out on that dance floor.. LOL..      We celebrated his birthday with quite a houseful.   He had three of his friends here

Trim the Budget: Sandwiches

       My husband takes two sandwiches to work every day.   Typically I was using lunch meat.   He liked lunch meat and it was easy and convenient for me.   But it was not great for the budget or a healthy choice either.   Lunch meat is processed and full of non healthy ingredients and loaded with sodium.      So here is what I have been doing to cut the cost of purchasing lunch meat and improving health while I am at it!   When I started I took a whole chicken and cooked it in the crockpot.   When it was done I deboned the meat and chopped it up into small pieces.   I divided the meat into 3 containers.   One I used the week I made it and the other two went in the freezer.   To make a sandwich I took the chopped chicken meat and added a little salt, pepper and mayonnaise to it.   I used this chicken spread for the week.   My hubby loved it and I loved the savings.      Sandwich meat can run anywhere from $3.00 to $6.00 per pound (and up, but that is the range I have paid).   I buy ab

New eBook from The Family Homestead: Handmade Soap

  Handmade Soap: A Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial by Crystal Miller     This eBook will teach you how to make soap step-by-step! This 45 page eBook includes photo tutorials on making 3 different types of soap. I walk you through the entire soap making process in pictures!   The Cost of this eBook is $10.00 For more information click here:   or