Start Walking!

When I turned 50 I decided it was time... it was time to get more fit. I decided it was time to focus on my health more than I had been doing. The easiest thing to do was to start walking. Of course that is when I realized how very out of shape I was! :) I did not let that stop me.
I've been a big fan of walking because it can be done without equipment, no membership needed, and it can even be done in the home. I don't think there is anything wrong with equipment or gym memberships, I'm not knocking them, but they can also be obstacles when starting a journey to fitness. Something you have to wait for, or wait until you can afford it, etc. Walking can be done right now.
One thing I would recommend is a good pair of shoes. If you start walking and enjoy it you'll put a lot of miles on and good shoes are a must.
The other item I purchased to help motivate me to walk was a FitBit. I love the motivation it gives me. You don't need this to walk of cour…

Favorite Chicken Recipes

We are off on our vacation so there will be no Menu Monday. Instead I thought I'd share a few recipes with you to inspire your menu making.

These are definitely tried and true recipes. I've made them countless times and they are always a hit with my family.

Ranch Chicken Tacos

3lbs chicken breasts, cooked and shredded (I cooked mine in the crockpot all day)
1T chili powder
1T cumin
1 cup ranch dressing
Salt & pepper, to taste
12 to 15 flour tortillas (you could also use taco shells)
Taco trimmings: tomatoes, lettuce, chopped onions, sliced olives, salsa, cheddar cheese

After chicken has finished cooking use 2 forks to shred the meat. Sprinkle with seasonings and mix. Add ranch dressing. Taste and add salt and pepper as desired. Use this as your filling for tacos.

*NOTE you can use other types of chicken such as thighs or even a whole chicken that has been deboned.  Crockpot Chicken Philly Sandwiches
2T butter, sliced into 3 or …

Grocery Haul for Two and Homemade Pizza

This will be the smallest grocery haul ever. Tobin and I are heading off for a little road trip and we only bought what was needed to get us through until we leave.
I will be gone for a couple weeks. We are heading south to see our kids and then soak up some heat and sunshine and meet up with friends. I am really looking forward to this much needed escape. :)
But don't worry, I have blog posts already scheduled for you while I'm gone! :)

OK, here is what we picked up at Winco..

Milk (certainly the smallest amount of milk I've ever bought! Ha, ha!! :), half n half, hamburger buns (they went in the freezer), grape tomatoes, bananas, apples and oranges.  And bran which I bought in the bulk area.  
We have fruit and veggies that I'm working to use up before we leave.  So I only bought what I knew I would need.  
The grand total for Winco was $10
Next Stop was Costco..

Ha, ha!!  Yep that was it.  Well I did pick up a few things for my grandson to take with me, but as for f…

Wednesday Snap Shot

I've enjoyed a nice lazy morning today. Wednesday is my hubby's day off and we both decided to just take it slow this morning. But I'm up an at it now and just started my 2nd load of laundry and got the sheets changed and the kitchen cleaned. Not a bad start to my day :).
I had the best Mother's Day. It was totally unexpected by me. I'm not one who makes a big fuss on Mother's Day. I don't have expectations on my children and they know this. I've told my children what honors me the most is that you all live godly, God honoring lives. I don't need flowers or gifts or anything else like that. No matter what I always hear from them, one way or another. It may be a phone call, a text or a visit.
My oldest son called me on Saturday night and wanted to come up and spend the night. I said sure, no problem. He does this often as a way to get a break from his hectic life in the city. When he came he had some of my favorite things with him....


Finding Joy

There are things in life that bring us much joy, but sometimes joy can be elusive and there is little to no joy. You would not think that joy is something that needs to be found, but I've discovered this year, more than other years, that it is often something that we need to seek.
Towards the end of last year I was searching and thinking about my 'one word' for the year. I do this every year. Some words I quickly forget, others are a reminder for me to focus on throughout the year, but this year it has been a word that I have had to find. My word, as you may have already guessed is “JOY”. 

Last year was a difficult year. I started having double vision and was quite concerned about it. That led me to a trip to my doctor which in turn led me to more doctors and countless tests and procedures to figure out why. This process led to the discovery of a large hiatal hernia and intermittent bleeding ulcers, which led to an emergency trip to the hospital and 4 blood transfu…

Menu Monday!

Happy Monday! Time for the weekly menu from my little homestead. My son came by this weekend and blessed me with sushi! I love sushi and he knows the way to my heart :). Due to this I did not make the chicken alfredo that I had planned so that is what we are having tonight.

The rest of the weeks is looking like this:
Tacos Or maybe better said, burritos. I have flour tortillas in the fridge that need to be used so we'll enjoy some tacos/burritos, a salad and some fruit.

Grilled Chicken It's looking like it will be a warm week. I'm going marinate some chicken in Italian dressing and grill it on the barbecue. With this chicken I'll serve garlic toast and a big salad and orange slices.
Meatloaf I have the meatloaf already made and in the freezer ready to pop in the oven. I'll serve it with jasmine rice and roasted brussel sprouts and carrot slices.
That should do it for the week for us.
Happy menu planning! :)

Grocery Haul for Two and Cuban Pork Sandwiches

This week the only stop that was needed was a trip to Winco. It was a pretty simple and basic trip. I found canned beans on sale and stocked up the pantry with those. I am making beans more and more often as it's so quick in the Instant Pot, but there are times I love the convenience of having them on the shelf ready to go.
Here's the Winco haul: 

The fruits and veggies seemed like most of my items. The bag of oranges was $6.98. It said 8#'s of oranges but I weighed the bag and it was actually 9#'s :) making the cost .77 cents a pound which is a good price around here. The oranges have also been so sweet and good.
The rest was red leaf lettuce, mushrooms, peppers, carrots, spinach, apples and bananas. 

The rest of the haul was cereal, granola bars, the canned beans (8 cans over on the right side of pics), almond coconut milk, milk, half and half, cream cheese, corn starch, eggs and that little bag in the center..

Winco sells food in bulk bins. They have bags …