Grocery Haul for Two Catch Up!

I had my friend Laurie here last week (as I shared in my last post) and did not get last weeks grocery haul posted. Today I'm going to catch up on last week and post this weeks haul.
Last weeks shopping trip was simple. The only store I needed to go to was Winco and here is what I purchased..

Lots of fruit and veggies.. apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, tomatoes, mushrooms, cabbage and some corn on the cob. I also picked up a bag of spinach and 2 salad kits. Hidden in the back is a loaf of cinnamon bread, muffins and hamburger buns. 

I got my regular half and half and a half gallon of milk and sour cream. I was out of sugar and bought a 10lb bag. I also picked up 3lbs of hamburger and a package of boneless chuck steak.
Last weeks Winco total was $68 (rounded up)

This week was a trip to both Costco and Winco. Winco was the first stop...

More fruits and veggies: apples, oranges, bananas, onions, carrots, tomatoes, salad kits and frozen corn. I got my half n half, an 18 count of…

Wednesday Snap Shot

Good morning! I hope your week is going great :). The last several days have been busy, busy, busy. But it was the best busy ever. I fell behind in my blogging but am planning to try and catch up on last weeks grocery haul before I post this weeks.
On Thursday my daughter, Sierra, and I drove about 2 ½ hours north to pick up my friend Laurie. She was at her brothers house visiting from Tennessee. He lives in Gig Harbor and she had been visiting him for about 5 days. We drove back to our home and she spent the next 5 days with us.
The visit with her was a total blessing to us both. I haven't talked and laughed and shared so much with a friend in a long time. We also shed our share of tears as she shared more of her story and heartache about her daughters death. All I can say is her loss is horrible, her strength is an incredible a testimony to God's work in carrying her through such an unimaginable loss. Grief is hard stuff. But slowly, she is walking her way forwar…

Wednesday Snap Shot & Frugal Homemade Wasp Trap

Good morning! I hope you are having a great week so far. With the hot days we're currently having my hubby is already out doing a little mowing in the cool of the morning. As I write this I'm enjoying my morning cup of coffee and listening to the sounds of the mower and my little kitty, Pila, scampering about the house playing with her toys.
My week has been busy doing the things of daily life :). We had several nice cool days which were a great relief and I was able to get a few more things done around the house. I also was able to get a little cooking in and put a few meals for us in the freezer too. I hope to blog about that soon.
Today two of my daughters and my grandchildren will be here for a visit and probably have a little swim time to cool off as well.
I'm doing some last minute clean up in preparation for a visit from my friend Laurie. I've talked about her in the past. She has a blog, Successful Homemakers, and her and I have been friends now for ma…

Menu Monday!

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start. Today is grocery shopping day for me and running a few errands while I'm in town. I plan to get out early so I can get back before it gets to hot.
Last week I posted my menu showing my plan for each day and it worked great so I'm going to try that again for this week. 
Monday: It's supposed to be a hot one today and we're going to have a bbq. Not sure if it will be steak or burgers, I'll leave that up to my hubby. I'll serve potatoes of some sort (baked if it's steak or potato salad if it's burgers), a green salad and maybe some fruit.

Tuesday: Sub sandwiches sounds perfect for another hot day. I have lunch meat in the fridge I can use or if I'm ambitious I can make some cuban pork in the IP and we can have cuban pork sandwiches. I'll have chips, fruit and salad on the side.

Wednesday: Chicken gyros.. I did not end up making these last week. I have the greek yogurt already purchased to…

Grocery Haul for Two and Lemon Butter Salmon

It was good to get back to our normal grocery haul for the two of us. The first stop was Winco..

We still have a few oranges left from buying a large box at Costco a few weeks ago so we only needed to pick up some apples and bananas for fruit. I bought a jug of vinegar for making some more pickled veggies, mustard was on sale so I picked up a couple bottles for the pantry as well as 2 cans of evaporated milk. I like to have the milk on hand for cooking if I run out of milk in the fridge. I picked up 2 boxes of nut milk. One was almond coconut milk and the other was cashew milk. I had never tried cashew milk and I can say it's delicious! There is a bag of bbq chips, cookies and bagels too.

For veggies I bought romaine hearts, a small container of spring lettuce & spinach mix and a sesame Asian salad mix that was really good. I also picked up 3 ears of corn on the cob, tomatoes, mushrooms and cucumbers, and sweet mini peppers. For my dairy I have milk, half n half, a small c…

Wednesday Snap Shot

Today's blog post has a few affiliate links of some fun things I wanted to share with you :)  You can read my disclosure HERE

Good morning! I hope you are having a good week so far. I'm sitting here at my computer with my cup of coffee, enjoying the cool morning and listening to my wind chimes softly blowing and train horns in the distance.
My week has been busy. After my family all left I focused on getting life back to our normal routine. The guest rooms are now in order and ready for any new guests that may arrive.
The weather here has been beautiful, lots of sunshine and warm days. Summer is my favorite season. However, without air conditioning the house gets pretty warm by the end of the day. I've been getting up earlier so I can get things done while it's still cool. The nice part is the nights cool off very nicely. When I grew up I didn't know anyone who had air conditioning. The super hot days are few and it's not really needed. There are ti…

Menu Monday!

Good Morning! This week it's back to menu planning for the two of us. I'm planning on keeping it pretty simple. The temps outside are hot and since I don't have air conditioning I don't enjoy heating up my kitchen if I can avoid it. 
I'm playing around with putting specific meals on specific days.  I'm going to see how that works for me now that I'm getting a better handle on cooking for the two of us.  

Monday: It's a real toss up today. I'm either going to buy a pizza when I'm out grocery shopping or put chicken in my IP for chicken gyros. Either way, I'll serve a salad and fruit with it. 
Tuesday: Salmon is the plan. I have put salmon on the menu a few times and never made it. I had too many leftovers to get to making it. I'll grill it and serve it with potatoes, salad and maybe some corn on the cob. 
Wednesday: Burgers on the BBQ with all the trimmings and some fresh fruit

Thursday: Leftovers or a freezer meal. I have single ser…