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Leanne’s Mission Trip, Part Four

Leanne and her team members spent some time (while not doing concrete work ~smile~) with the children of the orphanage.   Here are a few pictures…     They made a trip into the town of Assuit, where the orphanage is located,  and it was quite an experience.  They had to have "tourist police" escort them.  Here are some pictures of the town.  The water you is the Nile River.     Transportation varied quite a bit!  In the pictures below you can see a cart being pulled by a donkey and cars driving along side! Assuit is an agricultural area and there was lots of green fields Leanne said it was obvious to see where the farm land ended.. everything beyond was brown.   I have more pictures to share from the orphange, other sites they saw in Assuit as well as the pyrimids and Cairo.  I hope to be able to get those in the next "mission trip" blog posting..  Leanne has a bit more to share with you about her time at the orphanage …   Egypt Leanne Miller        Once again we we

Updates from the Homestead

    Yesterday was such a nice sunny day..  a day to enjoy our pond and the sunshine .   Today is promising to be the same. The nice weather is an appreciated change from the stint of cool wet weather we had; looks like we are back to summer weather for a few days.  I am not really ready to head into fall quite yet. The cooler weather however did get me in the soup making mode. Yesterday I made veggie beef soup and it was yummy. I put a couple individual servings of it in the freezer for Tobin’s lunches while I am gone.   My oldest daughter, Carolyn, is due to have her baby in about one week. My friend Sarah and I will be flying out there as soon as she gives the word that things are looking serious. We don’t want to arrive too early but we don’t want to arrive to late either! Sarah and I delivered Carolyn’s first baby. That was a bit easier since at that time she was in California (I am in Washington) but this time she’s in Maryland so there are less flights out daily and the flight ti

Leanne’s Mission Trip, Part Three

  After arriving in Egypt Leanne’s team rested up and then it was time to unpack and get a glimpse of the orphanage in the daylight. I was surprised to see how big it was and how green!  The orphange is near the Nile River and is an agricultural area so there was a lot green to be seen  .   Here is a picture of the girls on Leanne’s team.   Leanne is sitting on the top row in the middle…   When the Egyptian girls saw them on the balcony for the first time they quickly swarmed around wanting to have their pictures taken..     The main portion of their time at the orphanage was spent laying concrete walkways.   It was heavy duty work!   They had no equipment to do the mixing the kids mixed it all by hand and carried it by bowlfuls to dump.   Leanne said she learned so much about concrete work that she could give lessons now!    Here is a look at the work they did…   They had large piles of sand and rock that they mixed with bags of cement.  They filled and carried the sand and rock by h