Thursday on the Homestead


Today was a day in town..  Tobin ended up going into town with Emily and me and Jacob tagged along with us.  Tobin took today off, which is nice..  always enjoy spending a day with him . We dropped Emily off at the dentist and then went and ran some errands. 


After that we took Emily in to take the written test for her drivers permit..  she passed the test with no problems…  so right now she is one happy camper!!   She wanted to go out and do some driving.. but after sitting in the DOL office for an hour and a half for this ..  neither Tobin nor I were wanting to do that..  besides I told her that her first challenge will just be getting out of the driveway.. LOL..  The car we use to teach our kids to drive is a stick shift..   so first she has to get that hang of that.  But like all the other kids I know she will get it quick enough.  Thankfully it will be at least spring before she will take drivers ed.  I am not looking forward to that..  as you all can see my least favorite parenting chore is teaching my kids to drive.


Dinner tonight will be something really easy because I really have nothing planned..     I am guessing heating up some leftovers or some easy soup or sandwiches will work. 


After that Tobin said he would help me wrap some soap.. I have a few dozen bars to do.  I think right now I will work on getting a few chores done and move some laundry through.


That sums up my Thursday on the Homestead!




  1. My oldest just got his permit in July. I DID allow him to drive part of the way home that first day...and I've never been the same since. All I could think was, oh my...3 more kids to go through this with!

    How nice to enjoy a day off with your husband!

  2. Crystal,

    So proud of Emily...I know she will be a great driver.

    Love to you all,


  3. I just wanted to share - I made the chicken lasagna last night for dinner. My husband said it was one of the best things I have ever made. (we have been married almost 10 years) =) THANK YOU!!


    Help Meet to James for 9 Years

    Home School Mommy to 3

    Hoping to adopt #4


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