Thursday on the Homestead


Tobin took the day off today..  which was great.  He took Emily to her job (watching Miss Margaret today) and then had a bit of work to do on a rental of ours and then needed to replace flue pipe on our wood furnace.  I filled some orders from my country store and checked school work.  I had a list of little details to get checked off and made some progress on those.  Put my Azure Standard order in.. it is early this month due to Thanksgiving.. next Thursday would normally be my delivery date.  Hannah went to her weekly house cleaning job. 


The girls and I sat down and wrote out our thanksgiving dinner menu..  I will have to tone it down some as Emily tends to always plan BIG …    Sooo  I am the balance to this.. LOL..  I told them I am looking at small and simple!  I will only have my FIL and my BIL here..  possibly the oldest son of my friend Sarah and a friend of his.. we will just wait and see..  Next week I will finish up the shopping for our dinner and pick up a fresh turkey at Costco. 


Even after sleeping in this morning I am still yawing right now..  I think I will snap out of it soon..  Maybe I need to change the music I am currently listening to.. maybe something more zippy to wake me up..  haa.. haa..   I really love Norah Jones but I am thinking this may be more of a SheDaisy evening .. 


We are having a late dinner tonight because everyone slept in this morning and that put our whole day later..  Dinner will be baked chicken legs, Laurie’s Macaroni & Cheese, green beans.


I still have not heard from my son (I posted about his birthday in my last blog entry)..  so I do hope he had a good day today.  Still trying to believe it has been 24 years since he was born!!  MY.. how the years do fly by.....


Ok.. onto family time and dinner..  


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