Dishwasher Fixed!!


Woo Hoo..  my dishwasher is working again..   My incredibly talented hubby took it apart, found the broken part; the impeller pump, then found the piece of popcorn seed that got stuck in the pump and caused it to break .  Last week he bought the new pump and today replaced it and reinstalled the dishwasher and I have already done 2 loads of dishes!!  I am feeling quite thankful at this point...  we have been without a dishwasher for a couple of months. 


I did find many blessings that came by not having one..  most notably was that my kids had the opportunity to be very thankful for the dishwasher as well... so maybe now they will be more careful about rinsing out the popcorn bowls before loading them in the dishwasher..




  1. I'm sure you're over the moon to have it working again. It's funny how reliant we are on them. When ours was out of action for a couple of weeks it felt really strange having to wash the dishes!!

    Catherine :o)

  2. yippeee!!

    thankful it is fixed!

    I havent used a dishwasher in like 10 years.....sure would like to have one that works someday!

    God bless,



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