Senior Luncheon

Well our little homeschool group hosted the senior luncheon today and it turned out great!  We had to do the table center pieces, bake the cakes (it was the monthly birthday luncheon), serve the food and provide the entertainment…  


I was very proud of our kids..  they did a great job!  Here is a picture of them on stage (currently there is a play going on at the community center so the stage was filled with the props for this)..


My girls enjoyed leading the music with the kids and Hannah enjoyed playing the guitar to accompany them (this was taken while they were practicing with the kids ahead of time..)


Sierra along with her friends Makayla and Sophia sage Amazing Grace:


Now it is time for us to think about Christmas songs and doing some caroling ..  


  1. I remember doing that at a school I went to in 5th and 6th grade. It was a monthly thing, we sang and made cards for the residents, who LOVED it!!! The Chinese don't do that sort of thing, hmmmmmmm!!!!!! now I am thinking. There are only a handful of homeschoolers in our area, and Buddhist outway the Christians, BUT maybe we can still do it with the Christian kids.......I bet you made the residents day!!


  2. Crystal,

    I have REALLY enjoyed your blog over the past week...all the yummy cakes and casseroles...I love reading about all you guys cook and bake. I also love it when you post pictures...always have.

    Carolyn is such a beautiful girl...that picture of her and Caden is amazing. What a joy for your kids to sing to the seniors.

    It's a cold day here in Georgia, we have a fire going and enjoying the day. Thinking of you today my sweet friend. I LOVED my order I got from you...that peppermint foot cream is WONDERFUL.

    Love you,


  3. Crystal - at work today, but took a minute to catch up with you on your blog - I absolutely LOVE the picture of Carolyn and Caden - what an incredible picture of motherhood!!

    The kids at the Senior Home were great also!! ....and the recipes are awesome - when I get some time, I am going to try some of those.

    I think of you often and when I do I say a prayer for you and your family.




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