Sunday on the Homestead


Hannah and Emily just left to go to the big city to the church of a friend.  That leaves Leanne, Jacob, Sierra and Isaac at home.  Usually my 3 older girls do everything together.  They are each others best friends. They are very close in age. From Hannah’s birth to Leanne’s (Emily is in the middle)  there was less than a 3 year span.   That was hard then, but fun to watch and be part of today.  Makes me wish I would have had that kind of relationship with my sister (her and I were 10 years apart). 


In any case, today was an odd realization for me..  Leanne did not want to go into the city to go to church, she wanted to go to the Bible study at our church that the girls normally go to.  I thought..  what? You are not doing what your sisters are doing??  LOL..  I had to stop and remind myself that they are really 3 separate individuals with their own thoughts on life!!  So I said, hey no problem..   I have taken this as a sign of my girls just growing up!  


I have had a kind of lazy day..  no big goals to accomplish. Even took a little nap!  Yesterday I made 35lbs of soap and directed and helped my girls do some much needed house cleaning.  So a day off seems like it is in order today! 


Dinner tonight is hamburger gravy over rice and salad.  Simple and easy..  the rice is already cooked. 


Tobin is still helping his dad clean out his house.  Today he said he and his brother would tackle the garage.  20 some years of accumulated stuff to weed through takes awhile and Tobin only has Sunday afternoons to work on this.


Time to go and put another log in the wood stove and maybe work on my crocheted shawl..  I am almost to the half way point on it. 


That sums up my Sunday on the Homestead


  1. My three daughters are a little further apart than yours. They are almost 24, almost 20 and 18, with a brother between the first two, and three younger brothers. That four years between the first two doesn't make much difference now, and they are all best of friends.

    Like you, I have a sister who is not close in age to me. We are twelve years apart, with three brothers between. My sister and I are friends, but we don't have a lot of contact. She was six when I left home, and have lived more than 2000 miles apart since she was 11.


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