Tuesday on the Homestead


So far today I have had a cup of coffee, sent my hubby out the door with his lunch, eggs to sell at work and of course a kiss 


I made a few minor updates on my website, posted on the Front Porch, and am here now enjoying another cup of black coffee and thinking about my day. 


We have a homeschool meeting this afternoon. I have more laundry to finish from yesterday.  I did a big cleaning job on my bedroom yesterday.  It sure felt good to get it dusted, cleaned, sheets changed, and the room looking neat and tidy again.  Today I need to wash the curtains and get them hung back up.  We spent a summer with the windows open and the room was in big need of dusting.


Yesterday, with help, the music room was also cleaned up and organized.  My hubby remodeled a room in our basement a few years ago and that is where the electric piano, the guitars and amps and the drum set stay.  It is also where the books are stored and a TV w/DVD & VCR player..  so the room is not actually just a ‘music room’ but more like a recreational room for the kids.  Yesterday I walked down there to put a book on the shelf and the place looked like some natural disaster had passed through.. 


After lunch and school Hannah took Jacob, Sierra and Isaac downstairs to help direct them in the clean up.  They tend to make a lot of the mess down there so I let them do a lot of the cleaning!! . They all did a great job in the clean up and now I don’t have to stress so much when I walk in there LOL.. 


Dinner tonight was going to be split pea soup..  but now it has been changed to navy bean soup. I will use the leftover ham bone from last week in this.  I ended up with 3 dinners and countless ham sandwiches from that ham.  Not to bad..  however it was a big ham (don’t know what it weighed.. it was one from our own pigs).


That sums up my (hopefully dry) Tuesday! 


  1. Crystal,

    Wishing you a blessed and happy day!! Thinking of you today my sweet friend.

    Love to you all,


  2. I just wanted to pop in and say hi. I always like reading your blog & visiting the message board. You really inspire me to be a better wife & mom. I also love the recipes you have put on here. I will be trying out the pumpkin pancakes in the morning.--The chicken lasaguna looks really good too!

    Take care!


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