Saturday on the Homestead


It was a really nice Saturday for us today.  I actually slept in.  I rarely do this and was surprised when I rolled over and looked at the clock and it said 7:00am..  (yes that is sleeping in for me..  I normally get up at 4:am during the work week and 5:am on the weekends).  Tobin was able to fix my dishwasher and load up the truck with garbage for a trip to the dump tomorrow afternoon. 


I did some laundry, made some beef stew for dinner, took a nap and generally just enjoyed my day.  I had lotion, lip balm and soap making on my list..  but hey..  tomorrow is another day!


Yesterday Tobin and I went to town..  we almost finished shopping for Sierras birthday which is next Thursday (Thanksgiving).  I have 3 of my children’s birthdays in November.  My son Richard’s is the 16th, my daughter Carolyn’s is the 22nd, and my daughter Sierra’s is on the 23rd.   I still need to pick up a couple little things next week that Tobin and I could not find and then we are done.


Tomorrow after church I plan to make a few batches of lotion, some more lip balm and maybe more men’s shaving soap.  I want to have some of this ready for the bazaar we are doing on Dec. 2nd. 


Hannah has applied for her first job.  It is with the sheriff’s department in our county (working in the dispatch department).  She did the first preliminary testing today.  They said they would call if she did not pass..  They never called, so this is a case of “no news is good news”.  Next step is filling out a large packet of information and attending an interview in about another week.    She is pretty easy going about this.  She said she gave it her best today and if it does not happen, she is ok with that.  She was one of 7 applicants and will fill out the info for the next step.  


Dinner tonight was beef stew.  It was going to be Nacho’s For a Crowd… but we had so many leftovers last night that we cleaned out the fridge instead of making dinner.  The beef stew was yummy ..  and tomorrow will nachos.


That about does it for my lazy Saturday on my Homestead..  


  1. homesteadinthemakingNovember 19, 2006 at 1:34 PM

    I want you to know that I made your Nacho's for a Crowd. My family is still raving about it. It was so good.




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