Happy Birthday Richard!!



My oldest son, Richard, is 24 today!!  He is coming home soon and we are all so excited to see him. 


Right now Richard is in the Army serving our country.   He has been deployed to Cuba since January. 



Hope you have a great day Richard!! 



I love you much!!




  1. Crystal,

    Happy Birthday to your good looking son!! So proud of him for serving our country and I know you and Tobin are too. It will be so great having him home soon....enjoy that special time.

    Love you all,


  2. Happy Birthday and thank you for your service, Richard!

    Best wishes,


  3. Happy birthday to Richard! My 'baby' brother will be turning 24 next month. He just came home from a year in Iraq with the Marines. God bless our troops.

    Mrs. Huckabay

  4. Thank you for your service Richard! Hope you had a very Happy Birthday.


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