Well in many of my blog entries recently I have mentioned that it is raining and raining.  I knew we have had a lot of rain, but I did not know how much …  until today.  I was at church talking with my friend Mertie and she told me she has a rain gauge at her house.  Mertie and I live in the same little community (her daughter and Sierra are good friends)..  anyway..  Mertie told me that since Nov. 1st  we have had 21 6/10 inches of rain!!  And that was as of last night…..  And it rained some more last night..  


In one 24 hour period (I think.. Mertie, you can let me know if I am wrong on that time frame  )  we had 5 inches of rain fall(no wonder my basement flooded!!)..    


So she told me today I can stop praying for rain!  Haa… haa…   A month ago our spring was so low we were having to bring in drinking water and pump water for household use from another spring on our property..  I guess the season of drought is now officially over!


  1. I lived in Olympia for 6 years. There is not a more beautiful place on earth than the west coast. I too fell blind to the rain until I moved away. It became such the norm I did not think of it. Now living out it another beautiful place where they call little hills mountians :) I realized wow did it rain A LOT out there!

  2. We live in Ms. and also had a record drought all summer. I had to water my garden every other day. Then in October the rain came and didn't stop. Although, we have gotten alot of rain, not nearly as much as you have gotten. Mercy!!!




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