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Grocery Haul for Two and a Nutrition Packed Breakfast Smoothie

Good Morning! My grocery haul post is a day late. I was going to get it out yesterday but then Friday seemed to take on a life of its own! So here it is today.
I shopped at both Winco and Costco this week. My first stop was Winco...

I picked up some apples and bananas along with a few veggies; cabbage, cucumber mushrooms, tomatoes and a package of spring mix lettuce. I also got eggs, half n half and a bottle of italian sweet creamer. I don't use creamers a lot but since it's non dairy it will last a while. It's nice to have the option occasionally and to have it when people come to visit.
Also I picked up some things for my little kitty...

But I don't include those items with my grocery total as they are budgeted under “animal” expenses.
The total for groceries from Winco was: $16.00

My next stop was Costco..

It was only a few items. I picked up a 13lb box of oranges. The cost of the oranges was $12.99. We eat a lot of them so I thought I'd see if we can get…

Wednesday Snap Shot

Good Morning! It's been a whirlwind of busyness in the last couple of weeks for me.  My daughter Emily was due to have her baby on the 22nd of June and we figured she'd be late so we're thinking our trip down to see her would be more towards the end of June or beginning of July.  
The biggest reason we all felt she would be late was because all my daughters that have had babies have been late just as I was with my babies.  My latest baby was 15 days late, Hannah's latest baby was born at 44 weeks.  A week to 2 weeks late seems to be the average that runs in the family.  Emily's first baby was 2 weeks late.  
So when Emily called me bright an early on the16th of June and said she was in labor it was a big surprise.  I told my hubby as soon as he got home from work.  He got some sleep (he works nights) and when he got up we packed our suitcase and loaded up the car.  I was not able to be there in time for the birth as little baby Weston came about 3:30 in the afternoon…

Menu Monday!

Good morning! I hope your Monday is off to a great start and you're ready to tackle a new week. Menu planning is something I've done for years now. It's a big help to me to know what I'm cooking in the upcoming week and to make sure when I grocery shop that I have all the needed ingredients on hand.
Yesterday I made some Cream Cheese Mexican Chicken (I'll be sharing the recipe later in the week). I served it over brown rice for our dinner. I have enough leftover for us tonight. I'm going to serve it in tortillas tonight for chicken tacos.
The rest of the week is looking like this..
Pizza Last week I picked up some pepperoni and salami to make homemade pizza. The last time I made pizza I made enough dough for 3 pizzas. I used 1 and put the other 2 in the freezer. So I'll pull 1 of those out to make our pizza. I'll serve a salad on the side.
BBQ Pork I have a pork shoulder roast in my freezer that I want to use and pulled pork in the Instant Pot…

Grocery Haul for Two and a Recipe Review

Good morning/afternoon! We are back from Sacramento and getting into our regular life groove again. I'll share all about our trip and new grandbaby next week. We left Sacramento very early in the morning and were able to get home in time to stop and pick up groceries. It's about a 12 hour drive home and my brain was not in grocery shopping mode so I ended up forgetting a few things :). But nothing we can't live without until next week.
Our first stop was Winco...

I did remember to pick up the half in half, ha, ha.. I know my priorities, I must have it for my coffee. :) I also got milk, cereal, tortilla chips, oranges, tomatoes and cookies (which I'll put some of them in the freezer to last longer). Over on the right side of the picture is a small bag of pepperoni and a small bag of salami. I had pizza on my mind and picked it up from the deli.
I also bought a salad kit for our dinner that night when we got home. Unfortunately I was not thinking far enough ahead …

Grandbaby Time

Good Morning! Well our little grandson decided to come early! It was a surprise for sure as our family seems to always run late, sometimes very late. So we are currently in Sacramento helping her and hubby out and of course loving on our two little grandsons. I will be home soon with lots of updates! 

Grocery Haul for Two and Hamburger Enchiladas

This week I didn't need to go to Costco so Winco was my only stop. Here is what I purchased...

My daughter was here and took the picture for me so some things are a little hidden in there. I picked up the weekly basics, apples, oranges, bananas and the only veggies I needed were mushrooms and tomatoes. I still have lettuce, spinach, cucumber and cabbage in my fridge for salad making. I also purchased half n half, sliced cheese, a bag of sharp cheddar cheese and a bag of mozzarella cheese and whipping cream (I needed that for a recipe) and a couple packages of angel hair pasta. I bought 2 cans of crescent rolls and hidden under the crescent rolls was a small container of grated parmesan cheese.. 

My grand total (rounded up) for this week's groceries was $39

Now on to my Hamburger Enchiladas....

These were pretty quick and easy to put together. I had posted on Monday's blog a link to my usual enchilada sauce recipe. At the last minute I decided…

Wednesday Snap Shot

Good Morning! I hope your week is going well and you are finding joy in the everyday and ordinary of life.  :)  
My week has been going well.  I focused on my home more this week and made progress on my spring cleaning.  I also had a great visit with my daughter Hannah and my grandbabies..

 What's not to love about time spent with your grandchildren. :) 
My best friend spent the weekend with me and that was a blessing and so much fun.  I realized after she left that I had not gotten any pictures.  We seem to be able to get together and talk non stop and that is what we did.  
I spent Monday and Tuesday around the home.  The sun came out and it warmed up enough for my hubby to want to go swimming.  The pond is still to cold for me.  Our duck, Ping, was so happy to see us. I caught a little video of Ping following my hubby right on into the pond to swim with him..  so cute! :)

Goals  Today my youngest daughter and I are going to spend the day together.  We've not done that in some ti…