Sunday on the Homestead


Wet and gray describes another day here in the PNW.  It has been a nice Sunday.  We got up early and went to early service at church..  it feels strange to be home by 9:30 am!  But nice too!  The kids and I picked up the house and Hannah made pancakes and scrambled eggs for brunch. 


Tobin will be home late from work today.  He is still helping his dad clean out his house.  He said it should not be much longer till it is done.  I have meatloaf cooking in the oven, Leanne just put the garlic roasted potatoes in with the meatloaf and I have a pot of yummy pinto beans simmering on the stove.  Salad left to make and some dressing.. in a little bit.   Isaac is watching Bonanza reruns..  and Jacob is reading..  and I just spent some time on my message board catching up with things there.. 


Hannah just took Sierra over to her friend Makayla’s house for the afternoon.  The older girls have Bible Study tonight.  They invited a couple friends to join them. 


So the house is clean, dinner is simmering and I have some nice music playing for when Tobin walks in..  that always makes for an enjoyable evening..    No Pretender for us tonight.. I returned season 2 this morning at church to the friends who let us borrow it and have plans to go and get season 3 from them tomorrow…  Season 2 ended at a terrible place!!! Of course they do this on purpose.... LOL..  ok so you would have to be a Pretenders fan to appreciate any of that..   


That sums up my Sunday on the Homestead


  1. Crystal, I love reading your day to day life. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Just curious...what is this show about? I have never seen it, or really heard about it, either. Thankyou. :)


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