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Frozen Zucchini Question Answered…

After my last blog post I got a comment from Michelle asking about zucchini…   How do you freeze zucchini? Do you grate it or keep it whole? Do you have any recipes on your website on using Zucchini?   I freeze my zucchini by grating it first and then putting it into zip type baggies, label, date and freeze.   I put two cups of grated zucchini in each bag because that is typically how much is called for in most recipes.   If a recipe calls for more (like 3 cups) I will often just do the two cups and have not had a problem with that.      You could also cube it up and freeze it and use it in soups.   It gets mushy and watery after freezing so you can’t eat it like you do when it is fresh.   But it works great in baked goods and soups.    Here are some recipes that can use frozen zucchini:   Zucchini Muffins:     Zucchini Bread:   Zucchini Coffee Cake: http://www.thefamilyhomestead.

Updates from the Homestead

  Sunday Dinner    I typically stick with soups and casseroles for most nights.   I save meals like pizza or grilled cheese sandwiches for the nights my hubby is home from work.   Today however I was in the mood for an old fashioned Sunday dinner.   I made oven roasted herbed chicken, red potatoes, salad and baked a zucchini cake for dessert.   I had the zucchini in my freezer from my garden last summer.   The meal was yummy.   My kids had all been gone for the day doing their own things and were so pleased to come home in the evening to this meal.   Plus having the house to myself (childless that is as hubby was home) I was basking in the peace and quiet as I worked in the kitchen!       Here is the recipe and picture for the chicken:   Oven Roasted Herbed Chicken   1 whole chicken 4 to 5 lbs 2 T olive oil 1t sea salt ½ t season salt 1t dried minced onion ½ t oregano ½ t basil ½ t tarragon ½ t rosemary ½ t parsley   Wash chicken and remove giblets.   Rub olive oil all over chicken sur

Happy Easter!!

He is risen!! May you all have a blessed day!!    ********************************* I wanted to leave you with a picture I took this evening..   I colored Easter eggs using natural type dyes and my daughter Sierra saw them and called them vintage eggs.. I was calling them antique eggs.. but they looked different and I like it!   I used blackberries for the purple eggs, tea for the green ones and carrots and onion skins for the yellow ones.. the brown ones are ala natural from the chicken!