Happy Birthday Sierra!!


Yesterday was my daughter Sierra’s 11th birthday!  She was actually born on Thanksgiving Day 11 years ago and what a memorable Thanksgiving that was!


She is a tender hearted sweet little girl who is growing up way to fast!!  This was her yesterday with her “Twinkie Cake”..   haa.. haa..  none of my kids  had ever had a twinkie and I was trying to figure out something easy and not too much for such a busy day and she was actually just fine with putting candles in a pumpkin pie..  lol..  but we wanted to do something special and sometimes just being different is special enough!!    Tobin came up with the idea and it was a big hit with her..




Right now Sierra and Dad have gone to buy some fish to put in her new aquarium that she got for her birthday.  Tobin and her set up the aquarium last night and she was very eager to go and get some fishies to put in there today! 


Happy Birthday Sierra!!   


  1. Crystal,

    Happy Birthday to your precious little girl...she is such a beautiful girl. Sounds like she has such a sweet spirit and I love that. Give her a hug from me....sending out their Christmas "pockets" next week.

    I love you all,


  2. The cake looks very good!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Sierra!



    Hope you had a great day :)


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