Friday on the Homestead

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Day!  We had a very nice day.  It was low stress and very enjoyable.  I only ended up having 2 extra people here…  my father-in-law and my brother-in-law… 


Here are a few pics from our day:













Now it seems it is on to the next holiday.. Christams!!


I am not a Black Friday shopper..  I did that one time years ago..  I guess so I could have the experience..  my thoughts afterward were..  nah..  no thanks!!  I will sleep in and enjoy my day after Thanksgiving! LOL..  so instead today was a slow day..  I did some laundry, picked up the house from yesterday.. took a nap..  helped Emily and Sierra make some Christmas tree ornaments for Sierra to sell at the upcoming bazaar.  Tomorrow I may finally get to making up some lotion.  I need to get my supply up for this bazaar.. and some lip balm. Both have been on my to-do list since last week.


There has been no cooking today at all…  except for baking a pizza.  My father-in-law always brings pizza for the kid’s birthdays; it has become a tradition with them.  But since Sierra’s birthday was on Thanksgiving she was not going to have pizza (which was fine with her).  But my fil was very thoughtful in bringing her a pizza yesterday, anyway!  She was so excited when she saw that.   So her and Jacob and Isaac enjoyed pizza for lunch today.  The rest of us ate Thanksgiving leftovers. 


Christmas Music:  When do you start listening to Christmas Music?  We usually start the day after Christmas..  this year the girls and I decided that when we were cleaning the house last week in prep for the holiday that it was time we started!!!   Of course I started with my favorite Christmas song,  All I Want For Christmas is a Real Good Tan (Kenny Chesney)..  haa.. haaa….  Anyone who knows me know I LOVE sun..     so it is no wonder that is my favorite song! 


Christmas Decorating:  When do you decorate for Christmas?  Often we start today (and I did on my blog, website and message board.. LOL) .. but this year my girls wanted to wait because they wanted to hit the mall and Walmart and shop today instead..  although Emily came home with nothing... Said she could not find anything, which is surprising as she always comes home with something..  and Leanne came home with a couple of things.. which is surprising because she is a saver not a spender.    Hannah is my big shopper!  LOL..   Anywho.. we should do some Christmas decorating this week and get our tree pretty soon.  I don’t think I am really feeling much in the holiday mood this year for some reason..  maybe it will come soon..


Well I guess that sums up my Friday on the Homestead!! 





  1. Crystal, your blog is such a joy. I"m glad you had a great Thanksgiving. We began listening to Christmas music yesterday. We get an oldies station and those classic Christmas songs are so sweet. Recently I ordered some shaving soap and a shampoo bar from you for my husband to use. They are lovely products. We will order again. Blessings from the Big Sky Country.......Denise (prairiemom)

  2. We started listening to some Christmas music Friday. We have a radio station around here that plays only Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving and continues until Christmas. We will begin decorating next weekend.

    I can say that this year I'm so excited for the holidays,whereas recent years I'm been not so enthused. I guess we are better prepared this year and that has helped out so much.

    God Bless,


  3. I love Christmas music and has begun! Love your blog and seeing all the pictures. Thank you!

  4. I have always *forbidden* any Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving, which is always when we get our tree and decorate it and the house.

    This year it finally dawned on me that one month a year for Christmas music simply is not enough. So....we started at the beginning of November, although we really didn't play hardly any until just this week. Go figure.

    The girls wanted Steven Curtis Chapman's latest cd to listen to last night as they went to bed (I have a Cierra too-age 8.) Yesterday my choice was City on a Hill and today it was Natalie Grant. My youngest son and I organized all the Christmas cds today so now they are easily accessible.

    We got a tree yesterday but didn't decorate it until this evening. We're all set for the holidays now with our decorations being done, and the music and videos set out. All we have left to do is put our icicle lights on the garage roof-last year was the very first year I've ever in my life had outside decorations. They were given to us by a neighbor.

    This is way long and probably much more than you wanted to know. I think I better head for bed. :)


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