Sierra and Tobin came home with 6 little goldfish to put in Sierra’s birthday aquarium. You can't really see all 6 fish in the above picture..  but they are there!   She has them each identified, and they have been named:


  1. Finny

  2. Floater

  3. Gill

  4. Spot

  5. Scaler

  6. Skeeter


  1. Fish are fun, my kids have been after me to get an aquarium, I may just do that for Christmas this year, we have a pet hedgehog, but he is a nocturnal animal and sleeps when the kids are up, not much fun for them...

  2. LOL! Just chuckling to myself about the fishes(? fish or fishes?) names. My DD got an aquarium and fish for her 8th birthday back in June. She has 6 fish as well. Their names are:

    <br>Blackie(black gold fish)

    <br>Black and Orangie(black and gold fish)

    <br>Valentine(white gold fish with a heart shaped red spot

    <br> on it\'s head)

    <br>Chubbie Cheeks(gold fish with puffy cheeks)

    <br>Beta(Beta fish)

    <br>Sucker(Sucker fish for algae)


    <br>Real orginal huh???LOL


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