What is wrong with Splenda?

What is wrong with Splenda?  Well to begin with it is an artificial sugar.  It is made by chlorinating sugar.  This process chemically changes the structure of sugar on a molecular level. 


The reading I have done on it shows that there have been very few studies done on its safety for people.  There have been no long term studies done to determine if there could eventually be health problems.  No studies have been done on its safety for pregnant women or children.


There have been some studies done on rats and there are numerous problems for the rats (enlarged liver and kidneys, decreased red blood cell count, aborted pregnancies, diarrhea, to name a few that I read). 


The makers of Splenda say it is not metabolized into our bodies but some studies show that about 25% of it is.  They have no idea at this point what affect that could have on humans.


If you would like some further and more indepth reading:





  1. I don't like to use any of the artificial sweeteners - I am amazed at how many drink the so-called diet sodas. I don't like the taste to begin with - just give me the "real" thing - and, of course, that would be Coke (but what is "real" in a Coke) - not Pepsi.

    But, really I drink very little pop - my main drink is iced tea with a slice of lemon - now that is a "real" drink.


  2. sorry, but if I cannot pronounce the ingredients on a package of something, that is a sign to me that I should not be eating it. And if something "new" and "healthy"comes out suddenly, I step back and learn how it is made - if it is by chemically altering the natural state of something, I also stay away. I have heard of this Splenda, but you cannot convince me that it is better for me than white sugar (which I know is not the healthiest thing to be eating....)

  3. Thanks for posting this! I had gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy (thank goodness I haven't gotten it yet with this one). What do you think is the best sweetener for use with diabetes or with ADHD children? We've tried sucanat (SP?) and may try stevia. We also use honey a lot, especially in baking bread and hot tea.


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