Tuesday on the Homestead


Tuesday is almost over now.  But this is the first time I have had a chance to sit down long enough to post a blog entry. 


Yesterday was a busy Monday and a lot of things on my list did not get marked off and were put on today’s list.  I am happy to say that I am making great progress for today!   


I had frozen goat milk cubes to bag up and more milk to freeze.  I use this for my goat’s milk soap. I also had a few orders from my store to package up and send out.  Then I updated my website a little. 


While I was doing that Hannah took Jacob, Sierra and Isaac to swimming lessons. I have been so thankful for Hannah’s help!  She is a good daughter that enjoys being a help to me. 


I have finished almost all the laundry for today..  but like I have said in the past when you have 6 kids at home is laundry ever really finished??


I fed my sourdough starter.  I now have this daily ritual of grinding up my rye berries, pouring out the starter into a bowl, adding the freshly ground flour and water and pouring it all back into a clean gallon size jar.  Tomorrow I will be making more bread! 


My cheese cultures arrived from Leener’s!!  I am so excited!  I pulled milk out of my freezer and tomorrow I am going to make some cream cheese and some buttermilk.  Then later this week I want to make some feta cheese. 


I vacuumed and dusted my bedroom and picked things up and just organized it a little.  It looks and just feels so nice now!


Yesterday Sierra came back from my best friend’s house.  Tobin picked her up after work. She had spent 3 days there.  It felt like she was at camp she was gone for so long!   I could not believe how much I missed my little girl.  She had a good time while there.  My friend has 2 daughter’s close in age to Sierra and so the 3 of them had a blast doing little girl type things.  Something that Sierra does not often do seeing as how she is sandwiched between 2 brothers. 


Tomorrow is Emily’s birthday.  She will be 16!  I can’t believe where all the years have gone!  Of course I say this with each of my 8 children, every birthday, and funny thing is I am equally shocked each time! LOL.. 


She had a birthday get together wither some friends on Saturday.  We took a van full of teenage girls and Jacob, Isaac and a friend to the ice rink to go skating.  They all had so much fun.  Even Tobin skated.  He had fun too..  he used to play ice hockey when he was a kid.   I did not skate.. I watched purses, shoes and monitored the hot cocoa! 


But tomorrow, we will have a small party for Emily any way and enjoy some pizza, cake and ice cream.  I am still trying to think of a good cake to make for this.  Something somewhat healthy would be nice! 


Dinner for tonight is Red Beans and Rice and a salad. 


Well that sums up my Tuesday on the Homestead! 




  1. Crystal,

    Happy Birthday to Emily. Give your girl a big hug from me. I hope she has a special day. What a great blog entry...love reading about your days. Glad Sierra had a great time at your friends house...I know that was fun for her. Thinking of you all and wishing you a blessed day.

    With love,



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