Ten on Tuesday

Name Ten Things You Are Planning on Doing This Summer.


Here is my list:


1. Visit the local farmers market regularly to make up for not having a garden

2. Ferment, can and freeze the food I get from the farmers markets

3. Enjoy many, many days down at the pond with my kids, just soaking up the sun and swimming

4. Make lots of soap

5. Make ice cream often with the kids… 

6. BBQ regularly

7. Read a few (yet to be selected) books to my kids

8. Enjoy lots of campfires down at our pond

9. Plan our big 4th of July party with friends and enjoy another memorable evening with lots of fireworks, hotdogs, hamburgers and lots and lots of kids!! 

10. Go somewhere fun with my hubby to enjoy our 22nd wedding anniversary!  


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Summer ahead!

  2. Crystal,

    This sounds like a wonderful summer.....loved reading your list.

    Blessings my friend,



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