Good Morning!

I am up and enjoying my coffee this morning in my quiet house.  I am listening to some praise music this morning..  Chris Tomlin’s CD ‘Arriving’.  My girls are always loading up music on my computer and this CD is one of them.  I have also responded to a few emails and decided it was time to read a few blogs and do some posting.


Yesterday was not really a holiday for us.  It was business as usual.  My husband is an aircraft mechanic and works for a regional airline and wouldn’t you know it.. they still fly planes on the holidays and they still need mechanics around!    So I got laundry done and a little house work done and made another batch of sourdough bread.


I have a big day ahead of me.  I have to get the kids to singing practice with the homeschool group.  We have a local senior’s center and they do luncheons for the seniors in the community.  Our church will be serving the lunch next month and our homeschool group will be providing the entertainment.  So my daughter Hannah got several songs together and will be playing the guitar and leading the kiddos, Emily will play a piano piece, and 2 other talented kids from our group will play the piano and one will recite a poem.  But we still need to practice!  We have 20 minutes to fill.


Hannah and Jacob will then go our rental to mow the grass and do some yard work.  I am praying we get it rented this week! 


Emily, Sierra and I will be baking today.  I have cookies to make and a few other goodies to make and get in the freezer.


The best part of my day is that there is SUN out!!  I have a problem with one gray day after another..  I think when Tobin retires we need to move east a bit and get some more sunshine! 



  1. Hi Crystal,

    Enjoy the sun today. You know how much I love reading about all that is going on around your homestead...I just love it. Love having that "picture" in my mind. Love to you all my friend.


  2. I really enjoy reading your blog too. Sounds like a busy day.


  3. Down here in South Texas we have balmy sunny days 10 months of the year. Of course there is the humidity, and 100+ degree heat in the summer. But then, that's why we school through the summer and take breaks in the Spring and Fall.

    So, if you wanna move towards Houston... just give me a shout!

    In Him,



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