Busy Days

My days lately have been busy, busy.  There is always so much to be done here in the home and on the homestead.  Yesterday I thought I would write down what I did so it is kind of my journal of sorts…  A Homemakers Daily Journal!    And today I am up early again and making my lists and ready to tackle another day. 


Monday May 8, 2006


~Up at 5:AM

~Bible Time

~Computer: answer emails, check in on message board

~Kitchen: cut up some fat and start rendering it (pig fat I had in the freezer from some pigs we raised)

~Animal Chores: Milk Goats (kids fed the rest of the goats and chickens)

~Back up to the House: strain milk, check on lard,  most of the kids made their own breakfast (scrambled eggs and toast) while I sent out some orders from my Country Store

~Kitchen Clean Up, the kids had done most of this I just handle the little details

~Made a goat milk strawberry smoothie and toasted homemade sourdough bread for my breakfast


~clean my room

~Start a load of laundry

~Check on lard; add the remaining fat that did not fit in the pan before it had melted down enough

~Sierra and Jacob worked independently on their math; Isaac is done with school and has helped me with a few chores in the house

~updated my website and added some soap to my Store



~Move laundry to the dryer, start another load

~Swept dining room floor

~Swept and mopped kitchen floor (made floor cleaner)

~Kids made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on their own

~Sat out tea and cups in preparations for ladies coming to Bible Study today at my house

~Bible Study (lasted 2 ½ to 3 hours)



~Finish helping the girls clean out the barn and make room for the 200 T-Posts that Tobin brought home after work

~With the help of a couple of my children I repaired a hole in my green house which is currently housing goats (who made the hole!)

~came back to the house and helped Emily finish putting together tacos for our dinner

~Hannah came home and shared about her day (she did her volunteer time at the vet’s office and then had a house cleaning job in the afternoon), so I visited with her

~Sat down at the computer to check my emails and drop in on my message board again (and just take a break!)

~Moved some laundry through

~strained the lard that had been rendering all day

~had dinner

~hubby came home (he was late due to picking up fencing materials) and we visited for awhile

~put away a folded load of laundry

~helped my girls clean up the kitchen

~got you youngest kids to bed

~packed up things for Tobin’s lunch for Tuesday

~Took the soap I made on Saturday out of the molds

~went to bed!! 



  1. OurLittleHomesteadMay 9, 2006 at 12:27 AM

    Busy, busy! I can relate.......:) But it's a good, peaceful busy (imho) :)

    Have a blessed day Crystal :)


  2. enjoyable to read....you had a really busy, yet enjoyable day....

  3. I dont' know about you, but I am give out after all that!!!!

    Love ya,


  4. Crystal,

    I love reading about your days on the Homestead....you and your family are so wonderful.

    Love ya dear friend,


  5. Wow you did have one busy day. I love reading your blog.


  6. it is always so inspiring!! And I have my sourdough starter going---your posts encouraged me!

  7. I love reading your blog, I check in almost everyday. I also get your newsletter every month. I recently ordered some of your soap, so I hope one of those packages are mine, LOL.

    Have a great and blessed day.

    P.S. I thought I had busy days!



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