Friday Feast



What was your first job?   I worked at a day care center..  began in me a desire to never put my future children in one!



Name some of the things you collect.  I don’t really collect anything unless you count goats! 



Name a recent fad that you just don't 'get'.  Walking around with your flabby belly showing over the top of  your pants and your shirt too short to cover it??  That is like what???.. Cute? Sexy?... Adorable?... hmm…  still not getting it..


Main Course

Describe the worst weather situation you have ever been in.   I live in the Pacific Northwest.. we don’t get 'worst weather' here.. it is pretty mild.  But one winter being snowed in and having the one main highway in and out of our place closed down was a little on the disconcerting side for me …



Which shoe do you put on first?  the right shoe




  1. I agree, I have pondered this myself lately! I just don't get this one. It's like they think it looks good or something. I would be trying my darndest to hide it!!!




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