Saturday on the Homestead


Well it is a gray drizzly morning out..  I keep saying to myself, “I am not going to let this get to me, I am not going to let this get to me, I am not going to let this get to me”.  Not sure it is working!!  LOL..  I have loved the sun and will now have to wait very patiently for its return.  The weather forecast predicts the next 5 days to gray and rain. 


So for today I have some soap making on my list of projects to tackle.  I have bookkeeping to catch up on and I have laundry to do and a laundry room to straighten up.  I will be assigning some of my children to help with these tasks.  I also need the kids to go outside and pick up their now wet toys and the wet swim suits that were hung over the deck to ‘dry’.   


Emily is making some buttermilk pancakes this morning.  We soaked our flour in buttermilk last night.  talk about yummy tasting pancakes!!  I have started doing this reading Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  And I have been so happy with the results not just in taste but I believe health wise this is important. 


I also have 4 loaves of bread to make today.  I made 3 loaves of sourdough yesterday.  I am still keeping up with feeding my sourdough daily and weekly making 3 loaves of bread.  Today’s bread is also from Sally Fallon’s book and I soaked my bread and some butter in buttermilk all last night.  That should, hopefully, take care of the bread needs for the week.


I am currently research and looking for a recipe for sprouted wheat tortillas. If anyone reading this has a recipe for this they could share or can direct me to a recipe that would be great! 


Yesterday my daughters and I made lotion.  I love making lotion and I started the day with thoughts of making some to replenish my little store, however between all the special requests from my girls and a friend.. I ended up with none for my store!  That is ok.. another lotion making day will come.  In the meantime we are enjoying more fuzzy navel (scented stronger for me and a friend who just love this stuff!) and vanilla raspberry was Hannah’s choice and sweet pea scented was Emily and Leanne’s choice.  I will say that an afternoon of all those scent oils going on in my kitchen, I had a bit of a headache!  Too much of a good thing is just not always good!   I was also testing out the addition of a few new ingredients to my lotions so when I do have them for sale I will be excited to offer them.  I added shea butter and liquid silk to the lotion and talk about leaving our skin soft and wonderful feeling.. 


Anyway, enough lotion talk..   The kids are going to make ice cream today:  Maple Vanilla..  which is vanilla ice cream sweetened with maple syrup (the real stuff).    This will be nice and healthy stuff..  made with our own raw goats milk, fresh free range chicken eggs, maple syrup and that is it! 


Well the pancakes are ready and it is time for a late breakfast..  it has been a lazy slow morning here on the homestead!


  1. I've just started reading Nourishing Traditions by Sally's going to take my family some convincing to chage our ways! LOL!! Once things settle down here, I'm going to try making sour dough.

    Your lotions sound wonderful!! I really need to head over to your shop and check it out. I've always wanted to learn to make my own soap, but have gotten up the courage to do so. Another one of those things on my list of "want to dos".

    I love your blog and website and visit often. You are really a big encouragement to me :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day planned in spite of the dreary weather. : )

  3. We're trying sourdough tortillas tonight for the first time. Not sure how THAT will work out... Let us know if you find a good "sprouted" recipe.


  4. Nourishing traditions is my constant companion these days! LOVE that book!

    Please go look at my blog- you will see my baby! My favorite doe had her kids today, and I posted a picture of one. Check out those ears!

    Wednesday is on!

    I'll double check w/ you the beginning of the week.

  5. Mmmm pancakes. We love those things around here. Sounds like you had another busy day.



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