Homestead Kitchen: Crockpot Granola


I admit that this granola is not any where near as good as my regular standard recipe.  But I have to say that what I did like about it was it was easy to make and in fact so easy that I told my 10 and 12 year olds that they could make this themselves.  My youngest 3 (ages 12, 10 and 8) are the main granola fans.  So I thought that it would be nice for them to have an easy to put together recipe so they can take part in their favorite breakfast meal.


5 c oats

½ c honey

¼ c coconut oil

Goodies.. raisins, coconut, nuts, dried fruits, etc…


Put oats in a large bowl.  in a small saucepan heat coconut oil until it melts and add honey just to warm it up.  This makes the honey easier to pour.   Pour this over the oats and using your clean hands mix it all up well.  You can use a spoon, but I find it really works better with your hands. 


Put this mixture into your crockpot.  Turn on low.  Leave the lid of the crockpot slightly ajar to allow steam to escape.  Cook for 3 hours stirring occasionally. 


When the granola is done, put in a bowl and add as little or as much of your choice of goodies.  Allow it to cool and then store in a container of some sort or a zip type bag. 


  1. Thanks for the recipe I'll definaly give it a try sometime.


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