What Is Special About Goat Milk Soaps?


Milk for centuries has been known for its skin softening properties.  According to history Cleopatra enjoyed milk baths as part of her beauty practices.  


 I have found that washing with soaps made with goat’s milk leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. 


 Milk is high in protein, vitamins and many minerals.  These qualities are wonderful on the skin!  I have a couple of children with sensitive skin and since using my homemade goat milk soap their skin has not broken out in rashes,that I suspect, were caused by the harshness of commercial soaps (which are actually not soaps but detergents).


 Goat milk, with its high butterfat content, gives soap a unique skin softening and soothing property.


 These wonderful qualities give soap a rich and luxurious feel that can be quite healing on the skin (this has been our experience with it).


If you are interested in trying out some homemade goat milk soap click here:




My goat milk soaps are made from various oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, and more (I am always working to improve my recipes and not all goat milk bars have the same oils used in them, however all soap bars are made with good quality vegetable oils for the best results)


All bars are free of added coloring. Any variation in coloring comes from the fragrance and/or essential oils that I use to scent the bars with.


  1. YOU are a NEVER ENDING source of great information! Thank you!

    Question: I'm 47 and I still have yucky, oily skin and some breakout, just like I did at 16...and my teen daughters are, unfortunately, taking that after me. Do you have any of our goat milk soaps that are good for oily facial skin?

    Sometimes I feel like gravity isn't doing it's duty - my hair and face are oily but from the neck down I need a lot of moisture. Sheesh!

    Please answer on my blog.

    Blessings from Ohio, Kim Wolf<><


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