Monday on the Homestead

Today is supposed to be a record hot day.  It looks like it will get up into the low 90’s.  This is very unusual for this time of year up here in the Pacific Northwest.  Can’t say I mind it though. 


The first thing I am going to do this morning is find a few more water buckets.  We will be hauling water 5 or 6 times today if we don’t increase the buckets.  The goats need lots more water on hot days. 


The chickens do too..  So I will need to find something else for them for extra water.  Buckets and containers in various sizes are valuable things on a homestead this way I always have lots of options!


Hannah does her volunteer time at the vet’s office this morning and then she is off to a cleaning job in the afternoon.  I am sure by the time she gets home she will be ready to cool off in the pond!


Sometime today I am going to drive over to one of our rentals and do a little cleaning and a few other things; we need to get it rented soon.


I have my regular laundry and housekeeping chores to work on this morning and see if I have enough milk to tackle a bit of cheese.  I have had that on my to-do list for awhile, but the milk is used for yogurt, buttermilk, drinking, smoothies, baking and ice cream!  Which is great, but today I will be hoping for the cheese! 


I had a lovely Mother’s Day.  The kids gave my hugs and homemade cards and pretty necklace that said ‘mom’ on it..  I appreciated their show of love to me. 


Sierra is still at my friend’s house (who lives in the city).  She has been there since Thursday night having a great time with her two best friends.   So I need to talk with my friend so we can arrange something to bring her home.  With the cost of gas I think meeting at a half way point will be the best choice.


Dinner tonight will be chili and tortilla chips and a salad.  I am going to make it up earlier in the day so I don’t have to mess with it tonight when it is so warm in the house.


Yesterday being the beautiful day that it was I took the camera outside and took a couple of pictures. 


This is a picture of our pond.  Now all the trees have their leaves back and it things are looking quite lush around my area.


Remember I shared about our visiting ducks?  Well I tried to get a picture of them, but it is not the greatest.  I will keep trying!!  Sierra and I named them Mildred and Mallard.


And finally I was on my deck and zoomed in and got a pic of a few of my goats.  My 2 bucks are on the right and my Boer/Nubian cross (Kloey) is the white one and in the middle is my Lamancha goat (Milkshake).   They keep my bucks company.





  1. Wow, I don't remember it ever being that hot here where I live. Your photos are beautiful, I love that light shade of green : )

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


  2. Oh my, that hot in May. Tonight it's suppose to get down to +1C where I live and has only been around +10C during the day. It's still too cool to plant our garden. The pictures are so pretty.


  3. Hi Crystal,

    I am so glad to read you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Had you in my thoughts friend.

    Your homestead is amazing!! Your pond is gorgeous and how great it is to have a pond on your Homestad...that would be our dream!! Plus, your view....WOW!!!! Love to you all my dear!!



  4. Sounds like you are getting my weather and I have yours - only in the low 80s today and just beautiful outside!!

    Love the pictures of your homestead!!! The one with the pond could be a post card.

    Happy Belated Mother's Day - you know you are like a mother to us all over at the homestead - though I am older than you - I hold you in the highest esteem!!




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