Thursday on the Homestead


I have been pretty busy lately and not doing a great job in keeping up with 2 blogs so until further notice the blogs will be in simulcast..  I will post the same thing on both of them. 


Today has been a busy day.  I made some yogurt and more buttermilk.  I still need to go and feed my sourdough starter. 


I helped Jacob pack for his big fishing weekend.  He is going with a friend and his friends dad (our pastor) to our church’s Men’s Fly Fishing Round-Up.  He has never fished before so this will be a new experience for him.  He is excited…...  has all his clothes washed and packed and the sleeping bag ready to go.  I put the list of supplies in his back pack and told him to make sure he looks at the list before he leaves and checks to see he has everything.


I cut my soap that I made last week.  Three different types of soap were made and now are cut and will be curing for a few weeks.


I took last nights roasted chicken (or I should say what was left of it!) and put it in a pot and covered it with water and it has been simmering all day.. I will strain it soon for either some soup tonight or freeze the broth for later use. 


I need to get back in my kitchen and it get it in shape again..  that is the way it goes in my kitchen.. mess it up, clean it up, mess it up, clean it up, mess it up, clean it up…    But that is ok..  I like preparing good food for my family.  It is a blessing to be able to do this for them.  Plus I do have 4 H.I.T. (Homemakers In Training) to help me out.. 


So now it is time for me to go work on dinner..  I think it will be stuffed cabbage leaves.  I have never made this recipe so that is always fun.  I may make the soup too as I am not sure how thrilled everyone will be with my menu choice for tonight!  Plus I will steam up some broccoli for our meal as well.  I have not made dessert in a long time..  I am really trying to cut back on the sweet consumption for my kids…  some are handling this better than others!! 


When Tobin is home (he is working on our rental today to try and take care of all the last details so we can rent it) then we will do a bit of swimming perhaps in the pond to cool off.


That sums up my Thursday on the Homestead!! 


  1. You've been busy Crystal. Hope your rental is rented out quickly.


  2. I love both your blogs and enjoy reading them on a regular basis.

    I am curious, however, as to the purpose of having two separate blogs. They seem very similar to me. I was wondering if one was supposed to be focused on one thing and the other on another.



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