Off on a Picnic!


OK.. I am sooo excited as are my kids..  we are heading east and will meet up with Dalyn and Tara for a picnic.  I have known these lovely ladies for some time now and we have been planning this little get together since last year.  Each of us has been looking for a day that would work for us, and today is that day!


So my post will be short as we need to pack up our lunch, milk the goats, feed and water the critters and load up the van.


Dalyn and Tara..  if you read this..  I will be seeing you shortly!! 


  1. I'll try not to be jealous :) !

  2. Have a wonderful day Crystal. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.


  3. Have a great day! Hope the weather is nice for you'll!



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