Thursday on the Homestead


Well today is starting out slow.  I have answered lots of email. I get a lot of letters from ladies and usually if the answer only requires one or two sentences then I respond quickly.  If the answer requires more, then it may sit in my inbox until I have a chance to get to it.  This morning was my chance.  So hopefully if you wrote me a letter, you now have an answer waiting for you.  If you don’t, then send your letter in again.. it could have been missed by me or ended up being blocked by my sometimes over zealous spam blocker! 


Tobin is off today and sadly will not have the holiday off.  And he is still working on our rental! Lots of details to take care of.  We had never really done an official turn over in this rental.  The man that lived there previousl had been there for 11 years.  So it was very dirty and things were worn out.  After this it should not be such a job.  The ad for it will go into the paper this next week (local paper comes out weekly) and hopefully we will get it rented very soon.


This morning, after I finish up with some daily chores I am going to go and make another batch of fermented salsa and some sauerkraut.  I made up both of these items 2 weeks ago and we are almost out.  Yesterday was the big grocery shopping day and I bought fresh veggies to do these recipes again.  I am using Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions for the recipes. 


I also need to start a new batch of buttermilk.  Someone asked me if I left my soaked grains on the counter or put them in the fridge.  I leave them on the counter overnight as they soak. 


The laundry is on the list too..  it is Leanne’s laundry day today.  My children each have their own laundry day and are responsible to care for their own laundry, which includes their own bath towel and sheets.  This makes laundry so much more organized and I highly recommend this method to any mom still doing all the laundry for the entire household all mixed together.  That seems like an overwhelming job to me!  Of course your children have to be old enough to do it on their own.  Mine start at about 8 years old.  I usually help them and teach them at the same time how to do it.  By 10 they are pretty much on their own. 


Dinner tonight is homemade chili, tortilla chips and homemade salsa, and maybe a carrot cake made with honey.  We have not had a dessert in awhile.


Yesterday was my 2 week grocery shop.  With the price of gas I am only going to town once every 2 weeks.  I filled up my big van yesterday, which still had about a ¼ tank of gas, maybe less, and it came to $75.. choke and sputter…  that is why I am staying home as much as possible and loving all the good things I can get done for my family by staying right here! 


My grocery store trip included stopping at two stores (Costco and Winco) and Walmart to pick up a few non-food things.  With driving time to the city and back it took me 6 hours.  I am reminded of the verse from Proverbs:  “She brings her food from afar”..   


That sums up my Thursday on the homestead!


  1. would you mind sharing your salsa and chili recipes?

    <br>thank you for the information on splenda, i\'ve been drinking diet coke with splenda since it came out, the headaches that i used to have from the sweetner in the diet coke are gone now. i\'ve not had any adverse reactions, but i sure had a lot to think about now. thanks so much -bobbie

  2. Sounds like another busy day at your home. Thanks too Crystal for the info on Splenda.


  3. I\'ve been part of your on-line group prior and have been following your blog for awhile. Thanks for the info on Nourishing Traditions. While I have been making progress on our eating habits, I still have a long way to do. I am thinking about taking a chapter at a time and adding slowly so I don\'t overwhelm. April in Oregon


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