Making Homemade Lotions

I have had a few people ask me for recipes for making homemade lotions (after mentioning that I made some the other day).  Some have asked for simple recipes.  I have been making lotion for awhile now and I am not sure there is really a simple recipe to share with you, at least simple for the types of lotions that I make.


I have seen some very simple recipes on the internet (put in a google search for Homemade Lotions).   Many of these recipes are simple and the resulting lotion needs to be used up quickly or stored in the fridge due to either the fresh ingredients used in them or the lack of any perservative. 


These types of recipes are simple to mix up in your kitchen and have fun using. 


If you want more of a lotion in the sense of what you are use to buying at the store (only much better.. in my own opinion anyway!! ) then you can read and proceed with the following recipe.


Lotion making is a matter of combining oils and water with an emulsifier, adding a thickener and a few misc. ingredients, then adding optional ingredients to enhance the lotion.


Lotion ingredients MUST be weighed out, not measured.  So you will need a scale that reads in grams.


You will also need a thermometer. 


You usually need some type of emulsifier.  I have used beeswax in the past but did not like the feel it gave the lotion.  I most commonly use emulsifying wax (e-wax). 


You also need something to thicken the lotion otherwise it will be as thin as water and oil.  Stearic Acid is used for this most often.


If you want your lotion to be shelf stable you will need to add a preservative. 


Finally you can add a fragrance oil or essential oil to make it smell good.


I have a few other things added like shea butter and liquid silk just to give the lotion an extra nice feel. 


Crystal’s Lotion Recipe


1.2 grams citric acid

15 grams liquid glycerin

15 grams stearic acid

25 grams ewax

90 grams sunflower oil

10 grams shea butter

330 grams water

5 grams germaben II

5 grams liquid silk (optional)

Scent oil to scent (let  your nose be your guide! J )


Makes 16oz of lotion


In a small sauce pan combine citric acid, liquid glycerin, stearic acid, e-wax sunflower oil, shea butter and water.  Heat all this until the e-wax has melted.  Remove from heat and stir.  If you have a hand blender it is helpful to use it right now to combine all the ingredients.  I find if I use the hand blender to long it creates a lot of frothy bubbles that don’t go away easily.  So I stop using it as soon as my mixture looks milky.  If stirring by hand, keep stirring until it looks milky.


Let the lotion mixture cool down until it reaches 110*, stirring occasionally. 


At that point add the germaben II, liquid silk and fragrance oil.  Stir well. 


Pour lotion into clean bottles or containers and let it cool completely…  then enjoy! 




Now.. where to buy these ingredients?  Aside from Ebay you can try these online resources:  (this link also has lots of info and supplies as well)



  1. Crystal,

    Your lotions are the best!!! Infact, all of the things in your country store are the them all.

    Can't wait for that "pumpkin spice" lotion this fall.

    Love to you all my friend,


  2. Can't wait to try that!

    See you Wednesday! I'll be in a big beige Ford Deisel truck, and Tara will be in a blue Ford Windstar.


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