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  1. Hi, I like your site. I just started canning. I figure why not can when food is in season for the following year. I just purchased a pressure canner and food dehydrator. I am just curious, reading about the food dehydrator, I was under the impression that beef jerky and other dried fruits/veggies lasted quite a while, but from what I read they don't. Do you have any knowledge/thoughts on food dehydrating?
    Thanks, Charlie

  2. I don't bother making jerky, don't care for the flavor. I'm thinking the fat in the meat is your culprit for it not keeping. You could make it and use a food saver to seal it and freeze. I love my food saver and dehydrator. I live in an apartment so have zero storage space and now dehydrate more than I can. I use half gallon jars to store all of my dehydrated foods and seal with my food saver. I just opened a jar of candy that I had sealed 6 months ago and it was as fresh as the day I bought it. I seal 1/2 to 2/3 of all candy, snacks and cookies when I purchase them. It saves me calories and $$ at the store. I have green beans, peas, corn, peas & carrots, apples, cheese, celery, kale, spinach, pastas, rice, onion, garlic, cabbage, zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes, red & green peppers, tomato powder, tomato slices, marshmallows, carrots and probably more that I have not listed. Just remember to add the boiling water to the vegetables and not the vegetable to the water when re-hydrating.

  3. I like to use very lean beef for my jerky plus I marinade it 24 hours before drying. It seems to last as long as needed or as long as you can keep people out of it.

  4. My wife is allergic to tomatoes and any acidic food; no strawberries, blackberries, and so forth. We made the white bean chili listed here and it is great. She loves it, I love it, the few folks we have shared a jar of it with have loved it too. We highly recommend this white bean chili recipe to any and all that want or need an alternative chili, or just want to try a different chili for a change.
    thanks for posting it for us to copy.
    Jeff and Dawn Marie in Florida

    1. I'm so glad it was a success for you! I like that one a lot as well. Crystal


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