Blogs have become very interesting in the last 10 years. I started blogging almost 10 years ago. Back then blogs were all about the person and their life and sharing. Today blogs have mostly become 'professional'. Very “cookie cutter” like, not always as personal. Something (in my humble opinion) has been lost along the way.. but maybe that is just me .. reminiscing about how it use to be.. ~smile~ My goal in blogging has never been to be a professional blogger.

That said, I occasionally do put affiliate links on my site. Besides this blog I have a very large website (The Family Homestead)  that I've had for over 10 years. It costs me money to keep that going and to store my photos and such. Plus I spend a lot of my time working on my blog. Which is fine by me, I enjoy it.. and have enjoyed it for the last (almost) 10 years.

When I post an affiliate link and then make a little money from it, I appreciate that. It helps me to pay for my website, storage, and sometimes there is a bit left over.. I can enjoy treating my daughters to a coffee now and again! :)

As I understand, the law now requires that I let my readers know when the links I post are affiliate links. So that is what I am doing. The adsense and Amazon links that you see on my blog are affiliate links. Occasionally I'll post about something on a blog post and give you an Amazon link to the product I use (I never post about or encourage products that I don't personally use)... from this point forward I will be letting you know when a link I post is an affiliate link and I make a small amount from this if you click through and purchase something.

If I don't inform you, then you will know that the link I share is not an affiliate link. Just me sharing a link to a business that I like and want to pass on to you.

I truly appreciate all the support that comes my way. Thank you so very much. As I said, I have no desire to make a living or a big income on blogging.. that has never been my goal. Any money I do make goes to support this blog and encourage me in my blogging (an afternoon of coffee with my girls is a lot of encouragement! ~smile~ )...

Truly grateful and appreciative,


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