Canning Green Beans

My green beans have not done as well as they have in the past. Our summer has been on the cooler side (except the last week) and it took them awhile to get going. My kids and I did our second picking today. I’m thankful for what I was able to can. I may have enough to get a few more jars canned with the next picking, which will most likely be the last.

Our afternoon started with picking the beans. Then I washed them and we had a little bean snapping party! :) (Sierra took the pic so she is not in it)…

After the beans were snapped it was time to get them canned up. I began by washing 7 quart jars in my dishwasher. While it was running I pulled out my canner and got my lids put in some hot water and pulled out the rings. When the jars were washed I was ready to go.

I raw pack my green beans. I begin by adding 1 teaspoon salt to the quart jar…

Then I fill the jar with green beans. I shake the jar around a bit to get as many beans in as I can..

Then I fill the jar with hot boiling water….

I use a chop stick to push around the beans and release any air bubbles. I add more water if needed and leave about 1 inch of head space..

I wipe the rim of the jar...

Put a lid on…

And a ring…

Now it’s time to put them in my canner…

Repeat with remaining jars…

Green beans are canned at 10 pounds of pressure for 25 minutes (pints for 20). This is for my elevation. Pressure varies based on your elevation. This website has a chart for the elevation changes: 

My little row of green beans gave us 13 quarts today (plus the green bean salad I made the other day)..



  1. Wow, its looking good. I forgot to ask (which may seem silly, but I have never canned before so...) How do you eat the bean salad hot or cold?

    1. Bec, Our most favorite way to eat it is a topping on green salad.. and it makes a great side dish as well. It is served cold.

      Crystal :)

  2. I love home canned string beans. They just taste so much better than the canned from the store.

  3. How do you cook your green beans after canning them?
    what kind of seasoning do you use. I going to can
    green beans next year (I am learning to can but not sure how to cook things after canning). Can't wait to try your pickle cabbage!!

    1. Sue, I just heat them on the stove and serve. They are already salted so I don't add anything to them. Crystal :)

  4. What kind off salt did u use

  5. You use canning salt


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