Yea!!! More signs of spring…


Since I have whined so much about winter I thought I would share about some wonderful signs of spring I am seeing and hearing… 


Frogs croaking in the pond

Birds singing in the early morning

Visiting ducks in my pond

Weather warming up


All this happened just in the last few days.. 



  1. We had doves outside our living room window today, just cooing and eating birdseed. Beautiful sight!


  2. I heard frogs over at the canal for the first time just last evening. Or, at least I noticed them for the first time.

    The leaves on our hybrid willow trees are leafing out and today was 80 degrees. Spring is definitely springing, and I'm lovin' it!! :)

  3. We walked down by the docks in Stevenson tonight, the fog was over the river but it wasn't terribly cold.

    It was sooo sooo nice! Plus I have some tiny crocuses blooming out front. Yay for Spring!

    and I am LOVING the song birds.

  4. I've been hearing birds singing with the sun coming up (my fav time of day)! And the weather has been absolutely beautiful!

    I also noticed that I have a daffodil coming up. YAHOO!


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