Saturday on the Homestead


Our day started out very early…  Everyone (except Hannah who had to go to work) woke up about 4:00am and by 5:00am we were headed to the airport which is about 45 minutes away.  By 7:30 am Jacob, Isaac and their best buddy Andy were on a flight to California.  They were met by Andy’s dad and mom (who went down there last week) and will be spending 3 days (starting tomorrow) at Disney Land.  My boys and Andy have wanted this trip for a long time and my boys saved up money for it too..  They were very excited…  to say the least!!! 


They were flying ‘standby’ as usual (my husband works for an airline.. so we fly for free), and there is always a question if there will be enough room on the plane, but last night I had checked and it looked like there would be no problems and there weren’t! 


Here are some pics I took at the airport.. (and yea..  they are Big Star Trek Fans,  LOL)






After we left the airport we took the other 3 girls to my friends house.  They were going to spend the day helping her pack, her family will be moving soon.


Then Tobin and I went out to breakfast


By the time I got home I had a phone call from Andy’s dad letting me know they made it and the boys were fine….  and it was going to be 80 degrees today in LA..  Sounds good to me! After all the wet and wind we have had here.. ..  The boys packed shorts and swimsuits..  so they are ready for the summer weather.  


When Hannah gets home this afternoon she is heading to my friends house to help with the packing too.  So it will only be me and Tobin for dinner..  I put a pot of soup on and had to really rethink how you go from cooking for 8 (and that includes 4 teenagers! LOL ) to cooking for 2!  ???    We may just have lots of leftovers! 


I started a load of laundry and did some house pick up..  we left rather quickly this morning! 


Now I am enjoying a quiet day and I may just work on some sewing!  I have two skirts I want to finish sewing for Sewing Seeds.  And I need to make some granola for the week. 


Hope you all are having a productive Saturday!







  1. What a wonderful looking family and what a great adventure! I too worked for an airline years ago and loved the benefits of free travel. (However, flying standby from London with my Mother and Daughter at Christmas time while the flights were flying empty (they would rather carry cargo than standby passengers, we cut it close several times! Fortunately had a wonderful bed and breakfast near the airport!). It's great that you can spend some alone time and maybe you should cook something extra special for just the two of you.

    Blessings and Take Joy,


  2. I can imagine it is a chore to remember how one goes from 8 to 2! :) Glad you had a great day!




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