Thursday on the Homestead


This week has been another taste of winter here in the Pacific Northwest..  I have really wanted spring to show itself ..  but I guess I have to wait a little longer.


Yesterday we had everything..  wind, rain, snow, hail, sleet, sunshine..  it was a bit of a wild weather day to say the least!!  Today was a little better.  We woke up to snow and then lots of rain and hail and more rain. 


I thought I was going to go to the library while my girls did their cleaning job, but Hannah did not have to work so she took them.  So I got to stay home.  Jacob, Sierra, Isaac and I went down to the barn and cleaned out the stall area and I put down fresh stove pellets (I use wood stove pellets for stall bedding).  I then cleaned out the people side of the barn.  Later in the day my daughters hauled out the milking stanchion and I gave it a good scrubbing and disinfecting.  Tonight we are separating mama and kids so I can officially start milking again.. Yea!! 


Later in the afternoon I managed to get some shampoo bars wrapped up.  I have more soap to get made this weekend, and my line of baby products to work on..  They will be ready for sale by about the middle of this month. 


Emily managed to get 2 more skirts cut out while I was wrapping soap up.  We put a hold on our quilt project so we can get some skirts made for Sewing Seeds. 


The girls asked if they could make breakfast for dinner tonight..  so I said sure!!  They made whole wheat pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon.  That is fun to do occasionally.


Our evening has been quiet..  Tobin is working on some needed things, the girls are having some sister time, the boys are, well..  being boys.. LOL.. too much noise and too much energy for me!! Haa.. haa..      and I am blogging again!!  Yea!! 


Hope every one had a great day on their homesteads!! 




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