Tuesday on the Homestead


Today was a regularly scheduled day.  Housework, school work, laundry, food preps.. I have had two business as usual days after my nice birthday weekend…   It sure did feel good to get so much pampering from my family!! My girls really went all out to make the day special for me and to allow me to just sit back and enjoy the day…  My husband brought me home some beautiful flowers and a mushy sweet card..  Gotta love that man!!!    I especially appreciated the phone call from my wonderful sister in law, Debbie..  we had such a good time chatting..  usually we email but now and again a phone chat is just so nice..  Thanks Debbie!! Love Ya!!  


Ok back to Tuesday… my kitchen and baking loving daughter Emily was at it again today.  She made a delicious short bread cookie that I enjoyed with a cup of herbal tea this afternoon and right now is working on come chocolate crackle cookies..  I am pretty sure she will be posting the recipes to that soon..


The sun finally made an appearance this afternoon and that was all the encouragement the goats needed to head out of the barn and enjoy some warmth.  My kids are growing so fast!


I have been calling my son Jacob the “Mad Scientist” lately..  he has discovered how to make rockets out of 2 liter pop bottles and a bicycle pump.. I will have to get pictures of his creation.. 


Dinner tonight is Lentil Chili..  my own creation..  I will post the recipe later on.. it smells and tastes sooo good!!  I am serving that with tortilla chips, salsa and some type of veggie.. ..  dinner is going to be on the late side tonight because we have all been busy!!


Hope you all had a great Tuesday on your homesteads!!



  1. I just love your posts!!! I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday. Looking forward to the rest of your week. lol

  2. FruitfulVineof7SoFarMarch 28, 2007 at 6:48 PM

    Glad you had such a wonderful birthday!

    I read the girls' blog and it sounds like you all enjoyed it! How sweet!

    I was reading on the Front Porch about your organic chicken feed, and I was wondering if you make your own organic goat feed too.

    Our does hate the pelleted stuff, but we aren't feeding them rolled corn anymore. They are finally eating, but I need to start trialing mixes to get theirs 'just right' and I really don't know where to start.

    If you have a mix you use, I'd appreciate any info!!

    Thank you!

    - Jacque

  3. Happy Belated Birthday. I love your posts, board and blog.


    Angel ( Hope Angel)


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