Sewing Seeds Skirt Project


I first heard of Randi on The Front Porch. She is doing something really wonderful.  My daughters and I are excited to help her out on this.  


Her oldest daughter is heading to Africa in June to serve at an orphanage for a couple of weeks and she's got an idea in how all of us can get involved.


Her goal is to provide skirts for each of the girls at the orphanage (25 total), and if that happens, they would like to provide skirts for girls living at two affiliated orphanages (50 more--75 total).  The children in the orphanages own almost nothing except for the clothes that they wear (one outfit) and she and Emily thought that sending them skirts would be a wonderful way to let them know that they are loved and cared for, and to add a little bit of beauty to their lives.


So, would you like to make a skirt (or two) for a little girl?  All sizes are needed and can be used.  Randi figures that each skirt will cost approximately $10 to $15 to make and 2-3 hours to put together, depending on your sewing abilities.


Here is the link to the pattern that they are using (#4252) and here is a tutorial in a little girl's skirt size and one in a bigger girl's skirt size.  They took care to pick something easy, by the way, so don't worry about these being too difficult to make!

If possible, they would like to have the skirts finished and mailed to them by March 31 so that they can then start working on something for the boys at the orphanage!


Please prayerfully consider getting involved and pass this information along to all your sewing buddies. :o) You can read the whole entry at Randi's blog or email her for details.


  1. Thank you for the invitation to help out. I do want to take part in this project.

    maa's mom

  2. This is an awesome idea! I would love to help!


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