Sierra’s Sewing Project


Sierra made her first sewing project, all on her own, today.  It was a pillow case.  She bought the fabric at Walmart yesterday and washed it last night and this morning was ready to go!  Since the boys have not been home this week we have had a very lax week..  and I figured a sewing day was perfect for her.  Emily made another skirt.. I made granola :)


Here is Sierra holding up her new pillow case:



I found the neatest Ebook in the Old Schoolhouse Store  (they have a ton of great stuff in there!!)


It was called: Learn To Sew, A Beginning Sewing Book for Girls


The book is not expensive and very fun..  plus with it being an ebook you get it right away! 


The next project in the book is a Bible cover.  Other projects that look fun are: a tote bag, potholder, apron, skirt and more..  Sierra is excited to be able to do these.


The book comes with the needed patterns and very easy and basic instructions..  I highly recommend it!!


  1. Tell Sierra she did a great job!!!!! I love the fabric she used.


  2. She did such a good job, she looks so proud! I love the material!

  3. Sierra did a great job. I too like the fabric. I might look into getting that ebook for my oldest Cameo. She is 9 and wants to learn to sew too. I have shown her a few things but some simple patterns might be a great way to get her going. Thanks for the links. Have a great day!

  4. I'm nearly 30 and have to admit the farthest I've got to is curtains! Sierra will have gone well past that stage soon. Maybe I should get that book for me, I would love to sew 'proper' things.

    Given time restraints though I'd maybe be better sticking to cross-stitch.



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