Saturday on the Homestead


Well more spring cleaning was done today!!  The kids tackled their bedrooms, closets and the hallway.  All the kids have their rooms upstairs so it can get kind of scary up there every now and again.. LOL..  Actually it was not too bad, I just did a major clean out of the upstairs in January; so this was just clean and purge recent clutter.


Tobin and I went and took some recycling to the local recycling center and then went and got some more hay, not quite a ½ ton..  hopefully that will last awhile as the new green leaves and grass are just starting to grow and that supplements the goats for the spring and summer.


The day was just wet, wet, and wet again.. yuck..  I talked with my oldest daughter today and she said it was sunny and nice in Monterey CA..  awwww…  I would love it!!  I told her to enjoy some of it for me..  They get their orders next week so we will see what the next move will be for her and hubby and baby.


I also talked with my oldest son today.  He is currently in Ft. Bragg NC.  He is doing lots and lots of training right now.  He will be deployed to Iraq in July so for now it is all about pre-deployment training for him.  He will be taking leave before he goes so we will get to see him in a few months. 


Both him and my daughter called to wish me happy birthday..  my birthday is actually tomorrow but they were both going to be busy and did not want to forget..  That made me feel good to be remembered by my kids..  :)  My other kids have been plotting and planning our dinner and get together with family tomorrow..  Makes turning 43 a little easier!  LOL..  They have a nice menu planned out for me.  Emily made a nice cheesecake (my favorite thing!) and they are getting fresh strawberries for it while they are out. 


Right now my house is empty.. the kids all left to go to Wal-Mart and Tobin is out in his shop working on organizing and cleaning up his stuff.  I thought it would be a great time to blog.. sat at the computer and  turned on the country music (Trace Adkins) and will just enjoy the kidless house for a little while!!


Dinner tonight is leftover spaghetti.. we are varying from the menu just because spaghetti sounded better yesterday and I made a big pot of it so we can enjoy it again tonight. 


Hope you all had a great Saturday on your Homesteads..


  1. homesteadinthemakingMarch 24, 2007 at 1:47 PM

    My birthday is Monday and my mom's Tuesday. Happy Birthday to you Crystal, you are such a great inspiration to so many of us. I will be praying for your son. My DH was deployed all of 2005 and with this new Iran thing going on who knows when he will have to go again. Blessings to your family.


  2. Happy Birthday, Crystal!!!



  3. Hope you have a great b-day -it looks like you will be well taken care of by the kids, and thats whats important anyway. I am also 43 and I see we have so much in common -even Monterey, as I lived there for 3 years. Will never forget those seals floating on thier backs eating and also all the jellyfish on shore. Now I am just an Okie in Oklahoma, loving it and living it! Well, have a great b-day and eat an extra piece of that cheescake for us homesteaders out here -LOL.



  5. Happy birthday from "down under"!!

    Enjoy being spoilt one day!

    Your birthday is nearly over here.


  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Crystal. May the Lord bless you extra special today. Your girls have a wondrful dinner planned, so I'm sure you will be well taken care of today.



  7. Happy Birthday!!! What great kids, planning your special day, just like you've done for all of them all these years. Hope you have a wonderful day full of good memories and pictures!



  8. I, too, wanted to wish a Happy Birthday. I truly hope your day is blessed. It sounds as though it will be from your blog. :) I am also spring cleaning. I love having everything fresh and clean with a few new flower arrangements, fresh lighter curtains, a few new pillows thrown about or maybe a fruity smelling candle buring to remind me that evergreens and hollyberry time is over. I love your blog and your willingness to share your life and family with others. God Bless and again, Happy Birthday!

  9. I wanted to be sure to wish you a happy birthday. Your newsletter and blog continue to be a great encouragement to me. In fact, I began blogging at Homestead Blogger because I enjoyed reading your blog so much. Since then I have learned a lot and made some wonderful friends......Blessings from the Big Sky Country.......Denise (prairiemom)


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